Liaoning candidates have mixed feelings

Liaoning candidates have mixed feelings

Liaoning candidates have mixed feelings
Entrance examination has always been a heartstrings of students and parents, since school, this is the ultimate goal of everyone. Many people describe the gaokao as the most important exam ever, but in the eyes of many teachers and parents, it is even more crucial. On the one hand, the high school entrance examination is a nine-year compulsory education “completion” exam, the opportunity is only once, unlike the college entrance examination can be re-read and re-tested; On the other hand, the high school entrance examination scores determine whether a student can go to high school and what kind of high school he or she can go to, while the quality of high school determines what kind of university he or she can go to. If students can only study in vocational high schools instead of ordinary high schools, it is difficult for them to be admitted to any comprehensive universities.

First, the competition of high school entrance examination is increasingly severe

Not long ago, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on controlling the proportion of regular senior high schools and vocational senior high schools, requiring all localities to control the ratio of the two to 1:1, emphasizing the importance of vocational education. However, in the premise of the whole society and most of the parents’ mentality has not adjusted, this means that only fewer students have the opportunity to attend ordinary high schools, the competition in the high school entrance examination will be more severe, and it will be more difficult to be admitted to an ordinary high school or key high school.

Second, the reform of the high school entrance examination continues to advance

At the same time, the reform work around the high school entrance examination has also been further promoted, mainly around the purpose of each subject score setting, as well as the examination form, in order to reduce unnecessary pressure for students at the same time, to further pay attention to the development of students’ comprehensive quality.

Among them, the reform plan of the high school entrance examination in Liaoning Province will be implemented in the autumn of 2021, with the following highlights:

First, the score of English will be reduced from 120 points to 100 points, and the importance of the status of the main subject has widened the gap with Chinese and mathematics. This change can be described as a mixed blessing for students. It is undoubtedly “bad news” for students who are good at English. Their advantages have been reduced, while students who have difficulty in learning English have applauded. The decrease of English scores is also related to the improvement of China’s international status. Recently, the voice of “lowering the status of English as a major subject” has become more and more popular. However, English is still the most widely used international language and its importance cannot be underestimated.

Liaoning candidates have mixed feelings
Second, the score of sports is raised to 70 points, the importance of sports is further increased, which plays a vital role in the overall development of students, and has also won the support of the majority of parents. For students, it also further reduces the book time in the classroom and increases the amount of outdoor exercise, which is of great help to the physical and mental activity. However, some students with congenital physical and physical deficiency are worried about this. The ability of sports is largely related to the congenital physical function. If the “one size fits all” assessment mode is adopted, it may become an insurmountable obstacle for some students.

Third, there are four subjects changed to open book examination, namely history, geography, biology, morality and the rule of law. Most of them are liberal arts subjects, which also reduces students’ need to memorize the content by rote, greatly reducing students’ time and energy burden. This change is actually very scientific, even in the future engaged in the relevant humanities field of professional research work, there is not much need to memorize, mainly familiar with a variety of literature, understand the required content from where you can browse the search, the reform of this examination model also shows that the scientific nature of the examination is further improved.

In terms of student response, the change in scores was mixed, except for the fourth point, which was generally well received. For students who are good at it, a higher score is a good thing. For students who are not good at it, a lower score is a good thing. But in general, these reform measures are scientific and progressive, conducive to the overall development of students, should be supported and affirmed in the long term.