How to balance the love of each child

Holding hands with his teammates, he walked along the road.

There are two children in the family, the most important is:

The couple took the baby, gave birth to a second child and loved each other.

Get teammates hand in hand, “Carrying water” road walk side by side.

How to balance the love of each child

When mom holds the second child in her arms, dad can also give the eldest child a loving hug. No matter how unbalanced the mentality of the eldest child will also be happy.

When two treasure drink milk, big treasure also come to make demon join in the fun: “I also be a baby!”

You know, at this moment, Dabao does not really want to drink milk, just to prove that “Mother still loves me as first.”

The father who has insight knows how to coax a coax with his mother.

Together with teammates, and “carry water” and cherish, this bowl of water, hold more stable.

In fact, want to balance the relationship between two children, really not simple.

When two treasure is still in my belly, big treasure seems to have foreboded the situation is not good — “mother, Ta and I later grab toys how to do?

Before I came up with an answer, my husband had set a Flag on his chest — “Don’t worry, dad will buy you two, one to play a, who don’t need to rob!”

At that time, my husband and I naively believe that money can solve, it is not a problem.

Until one day, the eldest brother saw two treasure holding a bottle to drink milk, rang he also want to use a bottle!

Seeing Him enjoying his life in the pram, he curled up and pushed himself into the pram…

Take sleep for example.

For a while, Da Bao always came to us with a pillow and insisted on sleeping with her parents.

See how all persuade not to move, the husband couldn’t help criticizing a few.

“Why can’t I, if my sister can?” he cried. “You like your sister so much, why did you have me…”

We gradually found that the birth of Two bao to da Bao brought no small gap.

Although the palm of the hand and the back of the hand are full of meat, but the two bao is really soft sweet, will be charming, people like, coupled with the young need to take care of, inevitably a little distraction.

How many times, when the eldest brother with a happy face want to close, but was rejected again and again…

As the saying goes, there is no naive baby, only do not understand the checks and balances of parents.

My friend later told me it was called “behavioral regression” — a form of dependency that occurs in children because of insecurity.

Dabao did not remember how we had taken care of him, he only saw how parents love sister, hard to avoid insecurity.

If you want to be a “master of carrying water”, you should give Dabao more “preferences”.

As the saying goes:

When you have only one child, you are a parent.

When you have two children, you are a judge.

In the eyes of children, there is only one kind of resource, that is the love of parents, the rest are worldly goods.

Birth order determines a child’s personality, but parents’ upbringing has a greater influence on their children than birth order.

Gave birth to two children just know, a bowl of water is the biggest lie.

Because parents give their children love, there is not only a bowl of water.

The most important thing in love is flow.

Husband and wife flow to each other, father and daughter flow to each other, from the big treasure flow to the two treasures, and finally can circulation up the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas.

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