Recruitment summary of 2021 national selective examination

Recruitment summary of 2021 national selective examination

Recruitment summary of 2021 national selective examination
Selection and transfer of students, is the provincial party committee organization departments have a plan from institutions of higher learning to select and transfer excellent character and academic fresh university undergraduate and above graduates to work at the grass-roots level, as the party and government leading cadres reserve candidates and the party and government organs at the county level and above high-quality staff candidates for key training groups.

2, March, the provincial examination announcement began to release, 2021 graduates should pay attention! Compared with the civil service exam, the examination of selective transfer of students is less competitive pressure, and mainly aimed at fresh graduates, after grassroots training is a very good promotion prospects, for candidates with good conditions is an excellent choice!

At present, the Qinghai Unified Entrance Selection is in the registration stage. If you have the intention, don’t miss the registration time. In addition, the announcement of Hebei’s transfer selection is expected to be released in mid-to-late March, and the written test will be held in April. Students who are interested in Hebei’s transfer selection must be well prepared in advance to avoid being caught unprepared!

01 selection registration is under way

Province: Qinghai

Recruitment: 350

Registration time: March 8th solstice March 13th

Written test date: March 27, 2021

Entry requirements:

One of the following requirements should be met (the following requirements should be obtained before registration, and relevant supporting materials should be provided) :

Party members (including probationary members).

Student cadre: serve as the secretary or deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee or Youth League Branch or the student cadre of the League affiliated organization during the period of studying in the selected and transferred university; Serve as student cadre in student organizations such as student union of the department or above, student association, etc. Served as a class cadre, as well as the club president and vice president managed by the school Youth League Committee. Student cadre experience must be at least 1 year.

University-level or above awards (except group awards) : During the period of studying in the selected and transferred university, won the honorary titles of “Outstanding Student”, “Merit Student”, “Outstanding Student Leader”, “Outstanding Cadre of the Communist Youth League”, “Outstanding League Member”, etc. Obtained national scholarship, university-level special scholarship and other university-level and above scholarships.

Have enlistment experience. Under the same conditions, priority is given to the recommendation of enlistment experience and at the same time meet two or more conditions of the personnel to sign up.

Recruitment summary of 2021 national selective examination

Written content:

All the questions must be answered in the national standard characters (modern Chinese standard characters), and the answers in other languages will not be scored.

The written examination subjects are “administrative professional ability test” and “theory”, with 120 points each, and the administrative professional ability test and theory each account for 50% of the written examination result. Minority examinee’s written test score is added 2 points. Candidates who fail to take the written test or get a score of zero will be disqualified.

Calculation method of written test score: written test score =(the sum of the test score and the essay score ÷ the sum of the full marks of the test score and the essay paper)×100+ policy bonus points. The written test score accounts for 50% of the overall exam score.

Qinghai 20 years of selective transfer, the average competition ratio is about 1:6!