The district will also build 32 new schools

The district will also build 32 new schools

The district will also build 32 new schools
As the new core of Wuxi city,

With 3.4% of the city’s land area,

Carrying 6.3% of the city’s population,

It offers 8% of the city’s basic education degrees.

Against this background,

How to make school-age children not only “go to school,”

How can we “study hard” and “excel in study”?


The District Education Bureau convened

2021 Economic Development District Education Work Conference,

First of all, it summarizes the achievements of educational development in the whole region in 2020.

At the same time,

Plan the “14th Five-Year” goal,

To make arrangements for the educational work of the whole region in 2021.

Mobilize the whole district education system as one,

With higher requirements and higher standards,

With special duty, special performance,

We will improve the quality and upgrade economic development education and make new achievements.

For the “14th Five-Year” high quality education development to open a good bureau, a good step.

During the period of “difference”, the open education will be fully to the suzhou industrial park, closely around “miyoshi education” core goal, cling to “deepen reform” work center of gravity, will effectively solve the problem of shortage of education resources, forming a batch of high quality school, creating the national compulsory education quality balanced development area, contributing to “four zone” construction “education power”.

“Fourteenth Five-Year” Key Work of Economic Development and Education (Part)

The district will also build 32 new schools
Nine key projects in 2021

It was also announced that,

Expert Station of Education and Teaching Steering Committee

List of the first batch of trainees

And the list of “Pilot” and “Escort” studios.


The Education Bureau of Jingkai District established the “expert station” on the basis of the establishment of the Education and Teaching Steering Committee, aiming to train the future famous principals and educational masters through the guidance of experts. At the same time, the “Pilot” and “Escort” studios have been added to bring academic leaders into the team of leaders, give full play to the radiating and driving role of famous teachers, and lay a fast growth channel for the cultivation of education professionals.