Shulin No.1 Xiaofuhai Campus opened

Shulin No.1 Xiaofuhai Campus opened

Shulin No.1 Xiaofuhai Campus opened
As the new highland of human settlements in Kunming, Caohai area has attracted wide market attention in recent years. As a new benchmark of human settlements among many projects in Caohai area, Huaxia Four Seasons has become the leader in the area with its high-quality bay area life and extraordinary residential design. With the project supporting the continuous fall, the Chinese four seasons of human housing value gradually improved, coupled with a hundred years of school books a small school, further let the Chinese four seasons become a well-deserved model of human housing.

New semester, a new look

On March 5th, Xiaofuhai Campus of Shulin held the opening ceremony of the spring semester of 2021. Early in the morning sun warm Yang, accompanied with the pace of neat gathered in the playground in our school, lined up neatly, dressed in blue and white uniforms, special police uncle with a pen, the five-star red flag rising, the entire school teachers and students stare, young pioneers line stretcher, school teachers and students patriotism in magnificent national anthem, greet the arrival of the new term.

Learn from Lei Feng and offer gifts to the Party

, this year is the 100th anniversary of the founding, shu Lin a small fortuna’s campus in the opening ceremony as an opportunity to call for the entire school teachers and students appealing to follow the party, firm the ideal faith, the first primary school party secretary rong-hua zhang shu Lin first speech at the opening ceremony, called for all the teachers and students, learning lei feng, the good deed in a day, study hard, improve the teaching quality, stable teaching level, for the 100th anniversary gift.

Junior students and senior representative to speak respectively, expressed the excitement and outlook of the new term of school, also said that in the new semester will study harder, graduating class classmates said into the elementary school sixth grade last semester, they will cherish every day, work hard and set a good example for the whole school, admitted to the ideal high school.

Shulin No.1 Xiaofuhai Campus opened

At the opening ceremony, we saw the students of different grades perform the program together, the impassioned poetry recitation, the graceful and graceful dance, let us feel the students’ enthusiasm for the new semester and the determination to study hard.

At the end of the ceremony, the teacher called on all the students in the new semester to strive to grow into a virtuous, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor comprehensive development of the small students in the book forest, “today you are a small and proud of the book forest, tomorrow a small and proud of you”.

Gengzi famous school characteristic class

As a large-scale standardized primary school in Xishan District, Shulin Primary School is also a key school in the distribution of compulsory education in Xishan District, which undertakes the important task of balanced development of compulsory education. To develop students’ extracurricular interests in an all-round way and help children develop their all-round personality. By opening a rich and interesting leather art club, tea art club, football team, archery team, traditional Chinese painting club and pottery art club, six book forest and a small dream factory classroom, we can improve students’ quality and cultivate a new future of quality-oriented education with excellent learning and hobbies.

Huaxia sunshine heart education with owners in mind

Huaxia sunshine heart grass sea area development, and strive to perfect facilities, safeguard the rights and interests of the owners, in the mountain west conference of the government’s strong support and help, shu Lin a small enterprises in China four seasons, the grass sea area form a complete set of education development under the background of the late Chinese sun and a small combination of shu Lin just fill this drawback, a small to implement shu Lin context inheritance and beliefs of education, let the Chinese four seasons owners enjoy high quality education, taste the quality of life in this region.

Huaxia Four Seasons Project Phase I has been delivered, at the same time close to the project of the century-old school Shulin small Fuhai Campus will also open in September 2020, the school covers an area of about 23,682 square meters, construction area of about 15099.4 square meters, configuration of 1080 seats, for the Huaxia Four Seasons owner’s children’s life help set sailing.

The project promotion name is Huaxia Four Seasons, the record name is Huaxia Four Seasons Community; The development company is: Yunnan Huaxia Excellence Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Commercial housing pre-sale certificate No. : Xuyun word (2019) No. (1016), Xuyun word (2020) No. (626). 1. This information is only an invitation to offer, and does not constitute an offer or commitment; 2. The relevant publicity content does not exclude the change due to the relevant government planning, regulations and the seller’s staging planning and other reasons; 3. The seller will modify the publicity materials from time to time according to the actual situation; 4. The rights and obligations of both parties shall be subject to the “Commercial Housing Sale and Purchase Contract” and the supplementary agreement, appendix and other written documents signed by both parties; 5. All materials attached in this paper, including pictures, design drawings, texts or other materials, are for reference or identification only and do not constitute the content of the Contract for Sale and Purchase of Commercial Houses. The Contract for Sale and Purchase of Commercial Houses shall prevail for the specific house source information. The right of interpretation belongs to Yunnan Huaxia Excellence Real Estate Co., Ltd. Some pictures, fonts and other information from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete; 6, 2020 China’s top 100 real estate enterprises certification body: China Index Academy, China Real Estate Top10 Research Group. 7. The information published in this document is prior to March 17, 2021. Please pay attention to the latest information. 8. The supporting information of education is from Kunming Xishan District Education and Sports Bureau for reference only. The name of the school, build time, degree setting, opening time, condition of enroll students, charging standard and enroll students area delimit all exist to have not determined or adjust the possibility, sell a person to do not make any commitment to this, must with the government education is in charge of the branch and the school’s newest policy and plan as a whole solution to be exact.