Cultivate independence from childhood

Each of us parents is love children, also because of love, often the most lack of children is self-reliance ability!Often see such a situation: the child fell, the parents one than a quick rush forward, hurried to ask this pain that pain;In the hospital, a child sick, the common cold, look, parents, grandparents, grandparents, aunts, aunts, all can come.

Take a look at the school, was rated as “three good students” children, even can not wash clothes, eat breakfast to peel an egg can not do.And be in abroad, for instance Korea, popular a kind of “lion to raise a law”, be like old lion to train little lion so exacting, almost inhuman!Mainly is the exercise child’s independence ability.

It’s all about preparing your child for the future.We all remember that when the young intellectuals came to Beidahuang, there were some 145-year-olds who had eaten all the hardships that were not their age, but in their later life, this was also a fortune.No difficulty can overcome them!

Speaking of this, Let me say something about myself: due to poor health and poor physical condition since childhood, I lived a life of food and clothing.My self-care ability is very poor, so far, can not cook, some lack of living ability, it seems in addition to excellent work, other I quite blush, go to the other places, buy a bad ticket can not find the car, very nervous, very strong dependence.

And this really comes from my mother, who dotes on me, doesn’t let me touch anything, thinks I can’t do it right, and I live like a baby.Although there is a physical reason, but more is the mother’s mind.

Today, the future of the society is the children’s society, do parents sooner or later to make the right to return to the children.Therefore, must let go immediately, do not be afraid of the east and west to protect your children.

Parents, just need timely on demand and guidance, sometimes, you will find that, let go of the world, is the best world, you will also find that the child has long grown up.

Parents, please trust your child, he can do a lot of things!Eagle mother always drop the baby eagle from the cliff, again and again, is to let the baby eagle fly in the air!

You should be such parents!Sometimes, cruel point, is for the children to self-reliance and self-improvement!If always rely on the arms of parents, how can you break into the world!You can accompany children for a while, how can accompany a lifetime!

Friends, parents, when children make mistakes, the important thing is how to deal with the mistakes that have happened, how to let the mistakes become the beacon to guide children’s spiritual growth.

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