Guangzhou integral entry conditions

Guangzhou integral entry conditions

Guangzhou integral entry conditions
Points are very important in our life: points to enter the house, points to enter the school, points to get members, points to exchange good goods and so on, always let us have a kind of “I have a lot of points” illusion. However, integration into the home integral is not the same as other integrals. For the majority of friends who want to enter Guangzhou in 2021, point entry seems to be the first choice. However, how much do you know about the conditions of integral entry? Next, let the talents into Xiaobian to bring you into the world of credit entry in 2021 ~

Integral into Guangzhou, actually not so complicated. We only need to know the conditions of integral entry, the ranking rules of integral entry and the additional points of integral entry.

Integral basic conditions of household

1. If you are under the age of 45, that is, if you were born on or after August 31, 1974 (inclusive);

2. Holder of the “Guangdong Residence Permit” applied for in Guangzhou, and within the valid period;

3. Have a stable legal employment or business in the city and have paid social insurance for at least 4 years;

4. The total score value confirmed in the “Guangzhou Personnel Points System Service Management Information System” has reached 100 points, and is not in the process of points objection or points adjustment;

5. No criminal punishment in the past 5 years

At first glance, this household conditions are not difficult, as if they can casually achieve… However, this is only the basic condition of integration into the household. It means that if you meet the above requirements, you only have the qualification of integral entry into Guangzhou, not successful entry into Guangzhou.

Because, the integral that guangzhou enters a door is to have quota limit. In 2020, there will only be 10,000 points quota for households, of which there will be only 8,800 regular indicators! I don’t think there will be any more places in 2021!

Since there are so many applicants for integral entry, and so few places, so Guangzhou integral entry naturally has to have the relevant ranking rules.

Points into the household ranking rules

1. Rank from highest to lowest score according to “Guangzhou City Points System Management Measures for Household Entry”.

2. Same score: ranked according to the time of social medical insurance payment in the city.

3. Social medical insurance time ranking: according to the time of applying for “Guangdong Residence Permit” in the city.

4. The same ranking after the two rounds of ranking is considered as parallel ranking and has the same eligibility for entry under the points system.

From the above ranking rules, we are not difficult to find that in order to score Guangzhou success, the most important thing is to improve their own points.

Guangzhou integral entry conditions
Bonus points for household entry

In 2021, bonus points for household entry will be different from last year. Professional qualification certificates that used to be bonus points are being withdrawn from the catalogue of professional qualifications by a large margin… That is to say, these certificates can no longer be used for extra points.

According to one statistics, 319 certificates of proficiency evaluation were cancelled in 2014, 222 in 2016 and 185 in 2020.