How to let yourself win at the starting line!

How to let yourself win at the starting line!

How to let yourself win at the starting line!
The friend took out the child’s test paper and said with a worried face:

The child usually small test results are good, but due to the mid-term exam, the final exam, such as big exam is not good. Asked him the reason, the child unexpectedly said that every time on the examination room on the mind a blank, completely forgot.

Before the last final exam, I was worried that he was too nervous, so I kept encouraging him. “Don’t be nervous, you can do better than last time.” He did worse than ever. Pass period of time to go to school again big test arrived, of the child review a mass disorder, should take an examination of bad how can do?

The entrance examination of 2021 is approaching, and the time for preparing for the exam is getting shorter and shorter. Friends around me are lamenting that the pressure of the child is too great, and they feel weak in heart.

In fact, in the face of the future of the choice of the exam, light strength is not good, good test luck to turn the world around.

However, we do not know, about the examination of luck, in fact, there is a way of blessing the most effective! That is — Bai Wenchang.

First, what is Wenchang Yun?

In life, some people attend entrance exams, civil servants, accountants and so on. Obviously, they work very hard at ordinary times, but when the exam results are published, they fail. In fact, it has a lot to do with a person’s prosperity.

Wenchang luck means that one has good luck in reading, taking exams, writing, etc. This luck depended on the Taoist god Wen Chang Di Jun, who was in charge of the scholar’s fame and fortune.

Wenchang Star is the symbol of Wenchang. In Chinese geomantic geomancy and numerology, Wenchang is the noble star in charge of Wenchang and auspicious. In the Chinese tradition and Taoist belief, Wenchang is the god in charge of examination, study, fame and career, and is the god most respected by those who read books and seek academic fame.

How to let yourself win at the starting line!
Second, why to worship emperor wenchang?

Wenchang, the original name of the six stars in the sky, that is, Wenchang Palace. Each of the six stars has a star name, called general, secondary general, your prime minister, chief life, chief middle, Si Lu and so on. Since the Song Dynasty, it has become a common practice to offer sacrifices to gods and gods to protect their fame and fortune. In the Ming Dynasty, “Wenchang Shrine was established in all academic palaces around the world”. Throughout the country built a large number of Wenchang Temple, Wenchang floor Fengsi Wenchang Dijun.

Wenchang Dijun, also known as Zitong Dijun, is the god in charge of fame and fortune in the world. For thousands of years, those who seek the title and the first, seeking fame and fame, are devout worship Wenchang Dijun, to qi Zenghui open wisdom, Jinbang high school, the door

And worship Wenchang is beneficial to promote Wenchang fortune, according to the personal birth date and name on the list of words, sensing energy. Suitable for students or engaged in clerical work and creative work for the profession, not only can increase the understanding, creativity, but also for the exam results, career work, not as ideal or want to go further is greatly improved!

Who needs Bae Wen Chang?

Worshiping Wenchang Dijun, will take part in the high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, various vocational examination, evaluation of students can be hearing and vision, wisdom, quick thinking, calmly take the exam, Wenxing, jinping title, smooth career.

Workers can seek wide open cloud road, work smoothly, Wenyun official promotion step by step, ford zengchong.

Suits the crowd

1. Students who will face the college entrance examination and high school entrance examination this year;

2. Students facing examinations of other academic courses;

Pray for a smooth career, promotion of the blessing Lord;

Pray for a smooth career and a brilliant blessing;

Pray for a successful job, promotion and pay rise.

One cannot live without fame and fortune. Whether students at school or professionals, Wen Chang’s blessing is essential to achieving academic success, high fame and a successful career.

Every time Wenchang Dijun Christmas, can pray for Wenchang Dijun to protect Wenyun Changlong, wisdom and wisdom, the examination should be successful, Jinbang title, the career of workers is smooth, smooth, auspicious, eliminate the disaster solution!