How much does it cost to study in America?

How much does it cost to study in America?

I divide the total cost of studying abroad into two parts, tuition and living expenses, for you to list intuitive figures, hope to give the intention to study in the United States friends some reference ~

Part of tuition

Tuition at an American university generally depends on the type of institution (public university, private university, liberal arts college, community college), program of study, and university ranking.

For example, social science, science and technology kind of professional tuition fees will be a few lower, business fees want a few higher.

And the most popular colleges with high overall rankings tend to have higher tuition fees. Overall average tuition:

How much does it cost to study in America?
Undergraduate tuition

The undergraduate course in the United States is 4 years long. Different school and major are different collect fees, section of medical science, business and popular science and engineering, if the tuition that computer major waits is met relatively expensive a bit.

Partial undergraduate tuition

How much does it cost to study in America?
Master’s tuition

Business majors, such as finance, accounting, and management, are more expensive than liberal arts and social studies or science and engineering.

In addition, medical majors and some popular science and engineering majors, such as computer science, are relatively expensive.

Common professional fees, please see


The cost of living

According to the living index of the location of the American university, it can be divided into four grades. See the detailed costs


The biggest cost of living is the cost of accommodation.

Generally, there are three types of accommodation:

School Apartments: The most secure, but also the most expensive, at $3,000 to $7,500 per year.

Homestay: Homestay is a good choice for international students who want to improve their foreign language skills and integrate into local life as soon as possible.

Off-campus rental: If you want to improve your ability to take care of yourself or have independent space, you can choose off-campus rental. Private rentals cost about $3,600 to $7,200 per year, but the standard of living varies by region, ranging from $6,000 to $15,000 per year.

Cost of Living Forecast/Price Enquiry Website:

I’ve recommended Expatistan before. Today I’d like to introduce you to another website that can compare real time prices. It’s called Numbeo. But it’s all English.

Total cost:

Undergraduate tuition: RMB 200,000-400,000 / year;

Tuition fee for master’s degree: RMB 250,000-500,000 / year;

PS: The specific tuition fee depends on the specific school and major. The above is the comprehensive average range.

The cost of undergraduate study in the United States

It is suggested to prepare a total cost of 2 million +

The cost of studying abroad for a master in the United States

It is suggested to prepare a total cost of 500,000 +