How to balance the love of each child

My mother’s extreme practice of carrying water to buy a house

My mother’s extreme practice of carrying water and buying a house.

Our small place, the house prices were not high, my mother promised, when we grow up, a set of one.

She wanted to think, afraid I am not happy, and added: “rest assured, the total price of the house will be the same, if the price rises in a few years, to buy him a second hand.”

How to balance the love of each child

Since the second treasure, I have deeply experienced my mother’s “carrying water essence” :

Right and left hug is very good, rain and dew even more important.

A bowl of water end uneven, the consequences are very painful.

In my home, for example, a fight over a mother (father) is often imminent:

The way of two treasures is: sajiao.

See me to big treasure kiss and hug, two treasure small mouth pout, tearful eyes, a pair of poor appearance clearly said — “how can mother hug brother, I am the mother’s favorite baby.

This mother is my mother, no one will want to take her.

Big treasure’s way is more insolent: raw cold pout, and then bully two treasure.

He seldom loses his temper directly, but he always enjoys making his sister cry.

The children in the two-child family are very much like the concubines and concubines in the palace films.

If you casually say “the baby is great”, the eldest brother will be jealous and get a ten-thousand-point blow inside: “Am I not great?”

You just give the oldest one a loving hug, and the second one pulls you away from the oldest one in a flash: “Mom, hug me!”

In big treasure eye, two treasure have, oneself also must have, otherwise it is to fall from grace.

Later, I gradually discovered that the essence of carrying water is:

Praise children, but also to judge the situation;

Spoil the child, also want to distinguish the occasion.

Avoid being overly affectionate with one child in front of another, and always say “love words” together or separately.

Such “rain and dew evenly dip”, can occasionally enjoy with baby “highlight moment” – brother and friends, filial piety mother, the wind qingyue lang, years quiet good.

Most of the time, want to “a bowl of water evenness”, the old mothers are often powerless.

A little girl was often late for school recently. The teacher asked her, “Why are you so late today?”

The little girl timidly replied, “Mother can’t come and see me off until she has put my brother to sleep.”

One side is hungry for feeding the second, one side is the need to pick up the eldest brother, the old mother of no skill how to choose?

If mom wants to carry water well, she must rely on the help of her teammates.

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