How to recite more effectively?

How to recite more effectively?

How to recite more effectively?
Insist on endorsement more effective!

As someone who studies memory all the time, I recommend that you take this sentence seriously. Why do you say that? Can mainly from the first endorsement, endorsement process, after back to talk about.

First endorsement

In our first endorsement, when there are many kinds of endorsements:

All kinds of words do not know, know the meaning of words do not understand, words and words to understand the sentence together and do not understand, the meaning of the sentence to understand the context and forget the sentence behind……

The child is small again, after solving the problem of living words and reading tired, bitter, do not want to read, if coupled with the teacher did not arrange this task, parents may even coax with roar is not easy to let the child to endorse, the lack of power to endorse……

Therefore, the issue of the first endorsement is more difficult to solve, in the face of such a problem, giving up endorsement is very common, so there will be a variety of problems of children’s endorsement, such as how to endorse effectively, what method to coax children to endorse?

1. Parents insist

In fact, we all think the problem is complex, in the face of children in the process of endorsement of all kinds of resistance, we insist on the principle of endorsement can be. Do not endorse in the morning, can, afternoon also want to back the book; Even if you don’t recite in the afternoon, you have to memorize the content before you go to bed at night. In short, in the issue of endorsement, parents seize the time to ask their children to endorse, do not give up until the book is recited, this is the first insist, is to need parents to do it first.

After the parents insist, the children will slowly insist. Once the child insisted, the more back, the more the memory is exercised, their brain in the process of endorsement later also can do fast reflection, fast memory.

2. Be persistent

To solve the problem of children’s persistence in the initial endorsement, it is necessary to solve the problem of persistence in the process of independent learning. In the process of our first endorsement, no matter what difficulties we encounter, we should have a mental state of not giving up when we recite. In this state, we are fully engaged in the process of endorsing. In this way, will meet mountain open mountain, meet water bridge.

With independent self-insistence, we will think of various ways to solve the difficulties encountered in the first endorsement.

In the process of endorsement

Will we encounter difficulties in the process of endorsement? The answer is yes, but we have insisted before, even if there are difficulties, we will try our best to solve them:

If the text is not familiar with, it is to solve the raw words after repeated reading several times, so that the brain has a strong impression on the article;

If the context is not closely connected, that is, the grasp of logic is not clear, then create into their own thinking and understanding, combined with the real scene to help us grasp the context logic;

If the framework of the article is not clear, the key words of the article is extracted, drawn into a kind of thinking logic map, so that the key points at a glance, to facilitate the memory and recall of the brain;

If you think the article is boring, you can simplify the focus of the article into a variety of songs, singing songs to remember…

How to recite more effectively?
In the process of endorsement, does the method matter? Perhaps important, but even more important is our persistence, because with persistence our brains are sufficiently trained to recite, producing an effect that is similar to turning on brain circuits.

Back after

When we have memorized the content, we also need to face the automatic filtering function of the brain. As time goes by, our brains are filtering through a sieve for what we remember, and there are many subtle, weakly relevant things that we forget. Psychologists have also conducted in-depth research on this issue, among which the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve is one we are more familiar with. In short, as time goes by, we forget at a faster rate and then at a slower rate, with milestones like 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month.

We want to remember, the brain is forgotten, then we have to strengthen the review, so that the brain of the article of memory more firm and lasting. Review the word we are familiar with the cocoon, the treatment of forgotten method is to review, time limited students can seize 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, January such an important node. And the students with plenty of time, then you can arrange your review plan according to your own time and interest.

Regardless of the schedule, as long as we keep reviewing, our brains will work together to remember what we need to remember.


Throughout the entire process of endorsement, no matter which method or which arrangement, without persistence, our learning will become rootless duckweed, unable to be deeply rooted and continuously extended. Is the so-called “day line, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement”, come on, young!

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