To prevent myopia, school supplies are one thing

To prevent myopia, school supplies are one thing

To prevent myopia, school supplies are one thing
Students myopia, now has been very common, my children in the fourth grade of primary school, their class has a number of students wear glasses, when her best friend wore glasses, she was very jealous, all day long said: “wearing glasses cool, when I can wear glasses?”

Wait to the fifth grade, she could not see the words on the blackboard, we took her to the hospital for examination, she also wore glasses, after a few days, he said: “glasses good trouble.” But I have no choice. I have to wear glasses if I am short-sighted.

Now on the sixth grade, their class wearing glasses of the students on the more, almost half of the students.

To prevent myopia, school supplies are one thing
According to a recent survey, 58 percent of primary and middle school students are myopic.

This has been a very serious problem, now the country has issued the “children and adolescents school supplies myopia prevention and control health requirements”, such a mandatory standard to prevent students myopia, can be said to be very timely.

But the mandatory standards won’t go into effect until March 1, 2022.

What this standard basically aims at is the textbook that prevents and controls relevant with myopia, teaching auxiliary material, study to use magazine, schoolwork booklet, examination paper, study to use newspaper, preschool children to learn to read, and the children teenagers such as lamp of lamp of lamp of lamp of operation of read and write and teaching multimedia of ordinary classroom lighting.

Compulsory standards are very detailed, such as: primary school textbooks for the first and second grade characters, should not be less than the “No. 3 character”, Chinese characters to regular characters. Primary school third and fourth grade characters should not be less than “No. 4 character”, Chinese characters to the regular and Song style, from the regular gradually transition to the Song style. For grades five to nine and high school, the characters should be no smaller than “Small No.4”, and Song characters should be the main characters. Preschool children’s learning books, the font size should not be less than “3”, the font is based on regular characters. Primary school first, second grade, text between each line spacing should not be less than 5 mm; Primary three or four grades should not be less than 4 mm; All other grades should not be less than 3 mm.

Prevent myopia, this compulsory standard will be made from the respect of learning things, can say a respect that just prevents myopia just.

More important reasons for myopia are heavy study and addiction to mobile phones.

Now the primary and secondary school students’ homework is much, it is really much, most of the students, every night less than eleven o ‘clock or so, is not finished homework.

Few schools comply with the plan, which requires no more than 60 minutes of written homework in primary schools three to six, and no more than 90 minutes in middle schools.

More homework, primary and middle school students sleep less time, because of lack of sleep, eye muscles can not relax for a long time, it is easy to produce visual fatigue, deepen myopia.

And some students are also very obsessed with mobile phone games, playing games for a long time can not let the eyes myopia? But obsessed with the game, that still tube what myopia ah.

According to eye experts, primary and middle school students had better have two hours of outdoor exercise every day, which is good for preventing myopia, but now primary and middle school students are too busy, either in the school class is in the cram school class, plus a lot of homework, simply cannot guarantee two hours of outdoor exercise.

As a parent, let the child eat some milk, fruits, vegetables and so on, to prevent myopia has a certain role, and as far as possible to let the child to ensure adequate sleep, but also to relieve visual fatigue has a certain role.