84-year-old Japanese woman graduates from high school

84-year-old Japanese woman graduates from high school

84-year-old Japanese woman graduates from high school
The news that an 84-year-old Japanese woman graduated from high school has sparked heated discussion on the Internet. According to reports, Kimiko Matsuura, an 84-year-old woman from Saitama Prefecture, Japan, attended her high school graduation ceremony Thursday, along with her four children, who are over 50 years old.

According to foreign media reports, Kimiko Matsuura came to Japan from South Korea when she was five years old. After completing junior high school, she attended a beauty school in Saitama Prefecture. She also attended part-time courses at the local high school, but later decided to drop out because she was too busy.

Kimiko Matsuura qualified as a hairdresser and started working. She married at 18 and raised four children while working. At 32, she opened her own barbershop, which she has since expanded to seven, and is now retired.

Angrying that she didn’t finish high school, Kimiko Matsuura finally decided to enroll in a correspondence course at her local high school at age 80. For the next four years, she handed in weekly homework in Japanese, math and social studies, and participated in sports with her younger classmates.

On behalf of 352 graduates, Matsuura came to the stage to receive their certificates at the graduation ceremony on Monday. Matsuura joked that the subject she is not good at is math, which is really hard for her, but also very interesting. Matsuura said she felt happy when her teachers praised her for doing well in school.

Her eldest son, Hoshi Matsuura, 63, who was on hand to congratulate her, said he never expected to attend his mother’s graduation. Hiromi Onishi, 61, the oldest daughter, said that when her mother suddenly said she wanted to go to high school when she was 80, she really freaked everyone out, but was glad to see her make it to the end. Her two other sons, aged 59 and 55, also said they respected her for her can-do attitude and perseverance.

Comments on the news have expressed admiration, saying that “it is never too old to learn” and “there is no end to learning”.

The thirst for knowledge and the search for knowledge never know national boundaries, regardless of age. A netizen named “Golden Sun U” began to learn Chinese painting in Dapeng Education at the age of 60 after retirement. He shared his thoughts on the Internet, writing, “Although I have studied for less than half a year, I have been able to live a beautiful life every day steadily.”