How to balance the love of each child

I didn’t know until I had two children

The impression of the Sen Disc, or a few years ago, “Where are we Going, Dad” in the “wind like woman”.

Not spoiled, lively, bold.

How to balance the love of each child

With dad, as long as there is a little happiness, she can show the most brilliant smile.

I did not expect such a child, will also encounter two children competing for favor this problem.

In the variety show dear Little Desk, Ye Yisie talked about how her two children get along:

Sen Has always been independent and clever, but as his brother slowly grew up, she was more and more “not sensible” :

See brother eat to feed, sen dish also asked his mother to feed;

See mother feed little brother to drink milk, sen Dish also rush to drink.

Use ye Yi Qian’s words, sen Ji to the world’s people are very friendly, but think brother “is the world’s most scheming people”, think brother always want to “frame” themselves.

In the eyes that sen Dish sees a younger brother, total show a “she hates younger brother” feeling.

There is a time, parents are criticizing the sen Dish not to study well, over there, little brother Liang Zai pulled his mother’s clothes, took out his certificate of merit in the school, above said “reading small expert”.

My sister just blew up.

Sen dish’s contention for favor, is not without reason.

Even Tian has admitted that the couple would inadvertently prefer their younger brother.

There is no one like me, since there is a second, the most afraid of hearing is “eccentric” two words.

Despite the efforts to make a bowl of water.

But ask yourself, it’s hard to be 100% impartial.

My mother was a master of carrying water.

When I was young I asked, “Do you like me more or my brother more?”

My mother said without thinking: “of course it is you, I like you for so many years, just like him two years, of course you a little more.

“Why can my brother sleep with my mother when I have to sleep alone?” I asked.

My mother said: “Mother to accompany you to sleep until the age of 5, but also to accompany my brother to sleep until the age of 5, once the age of 5, immediately out.”

Our house has three bedrooms and one living room. In addition to the master bedroom, the other two bedrooms are one big and one small.

My mother prepared two sets of sheets, my brother and I took turns in the big room, I said: don’t bother, I can live in a small room.

My mother said: no, you will not be happy for a long time.

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