Parents say to protect minors

Parents say to protect minors

Parents say to protect minors
It is everyone’s responsibility to protect minors, especially the parents who are guardians.

The era of rapid development of the Internet has spawned a lot of new temptations. For minors, they can’t extricate themselves from the joy of playing games on the Internet.

In view of the phenomenon of minors’ addiction to online games, the whole society has taken action from multiple dimensions to protect our future flowers and flowers together.

In 2019, the National Press and Publication Administration released a notice on preventing minors from indulging in online games, which laid down clear regulations on real-name authentication, playing time, and limits on paid consumption, claiming to be the strictest regulation on preventing minors from indulging in online games in history.

As early as in 2017, in response to the abuse of mobile phones and other electronic products and prevent children and adolescents, prevent from electronics to produce the physical diseases such as myopia, the Ministry of Education and so on eight departments jointly issued the “implementation plan for the prevention and control of child and adolescent myopia”, which explicitly: students are strictly prohibited to smuggle personal electronic products such as mobile phone, tablets, entered the classroom, into the school will be unified management by the university.

As to the effort that each big game manufacturer makes, it is obvious for all to see more. Game enterprises represented by Tencent and netease quickly upgrade their anti-addiction systems, and even have a lot of self-exploration.

Parents say to protect minors
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Tencent has successively launched a growth guard platform for parents to manage their children’s game time and consumption. In addition, there is a health system automatically controlled in the game and a juvenile lighthouse active service project for after-service. Netease launched the mobile game anti-addiction platform and upgraded the parental care platform, providing parents with a series of functions such as curfew, application for ban on playing and inquiry of consumption.

Speaking of which, what does the parent, who acts as the child’s closest guardian, do? Recently, a news report said that a parent who could not control his child, addicted to the game and unwilling to study, turned his anger on the game manufacturer, wrote a letter to Ma Huateng demanding that the game be banned.

The typical practice of giving up eating for fear of choking has also prompted a fierce online backlash: Why put your dog on the leash when your dog dies? You had a car accident. You blame the car company? You drank yourself to death. You blame the winery? Your child tube is not good, you blame the game?

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