Funny things about the funeral industry

Funny things about the funeral industry

Funny things about the funeral industry
It is generally believed that the aging society has caused a serious shortage of undertakers, but in fact it is not as serious as the media claims, perhaps they ignore the issue of how long the undertakers work.

In fact, once you enter the funeral industry 3-5 years later, you will not easily change the industry, because the general work experience of the funeral industry is still relatively taboo. On the other hand, the single and repetitive work in the funeral industry will make more practitioners lose competitiveness, unless you start your own business.

However, the theory of exaggerated talent demand and excessive profits in funeral stimulates young people to flock into the funeral industry and try to make the first bucket of money in life, which is contrary to the core demand of funeral talents. Therefore, funeral education is of great importance for how to provide high-quality, high-quality and highly educated talents for funeral.

In February 2019, the Civil Affairs Department of Hunan Province conducted a survey titled “Industry’s Evaluation and Expectation of Funeral Talents”, aiming to provide a scientific decision-making basis for the formulation of the 14th Five-Year Plan for Civil Affairs Talents. In this questionnaire, the employers’ demand for funeral talents and the current situation were investigated, such as the direction of school training, the ability they should have, the problems existing in interns, the problems existing in first employment, staff training, employment situation, salary and so on.

In April 2019, the Teaching Steering Committee of Modern Funeral Technology and Management held the second review and approval meeting of funeral series teaching materials in Beijing, promoting the pace of construction of funeral teaching materials, which is of great significance to improve the quality of teaching and the improvement of education and teaching standards.

In November 2019, anhui vocational college of management has opened the funeral professional list of media hot search, the recruit students full two months, the entrance is “reserve”, after the internship 5 k – 6 k income propaganda words, let the traditional consciousness of “upset” professional become hot, at first glance the jobs, money is “no pressure”, inner joy found a shortcut to life.

It is the fifth professional university following Changsha Institute of Civil Affairs, Beijing Institute of Social Management, Wuhan Institute of Civil Affairs and Chongqing City Management Institute. In addition to school, on-the-job skills training never stops.

From November 14 to 15, 2019, in order to improve the technical level of undertakers, change the traditional image of undertakers and enhance the recognition of undertakers in the industry, Guangxi held the first “Funeral Industry Vocational Skills Competition”. A total of 90 people participated in the three projects of body transport, body embalming and plastic surgery, and cemetery management.

It is clear that these three competitions are primarily aimed at national team members, and it is hoped that more private members of funeral companies will participate in future competitions. After all, a funeral is a family, don’t forget the funeral brothers!