Have you really figured out the diploma?

Have you really figured out the diploma?

Have you really figured out the diploma?
Believe everybody is preparing when rising this exam only, can discover rise this way only actually still a lot of. Mainly for can divide for full-time only rise this and partly full-time only rise this, partly full-time only rise this to include again oneself take an examination of only rise this, become an examination of only rise this, network remote education, country Open University. Does the graduation certificate that all sorts of types directly rise this to hand have distinction? Do you really know the difference?

1. General Upgrade (Full-time Upgrade)

Graduation card place is sent belong to common higher graduation certificate, the student after entering a school can enjoy the same treatment as the student of this undergraduate course school, compare with common undergraduate course, common only rises this graduation certificate to be met more “undergraduate course of specialized subject starting point learns” such word, other is same. Do not cross common rise only this is the country to admit, register by the electronic of the Ministry of Education, belong to the first record of formal schooling. Recruit all rise this difficult to be admitted in the exam, although from 2006 onwards, the country sets all rise this to admit quota control is in those days of this year’s junior college graduate 5%-10%. But as long as the exam, almost all can get undergraduate certificate and bachelor’s degree certificate.

2 from the examination of the rise

The graduation card that rises this only from examination covers provincial self-study examination committee and chief examination college seal, show on the certificate “examination of higher education self-study” inscription, diploma contains gold slightly inferior to enlist record of formal schooling, the country admits, electronic registration of the Ministry of Education, belong to the 2nd record of formal schooling. Diploma hardness is relatively still taller, in pay of salary, personnel, take an examination of graduate student, examination of certificate, take an examination of civil servant, go abroad to study abroad, title evaluation and other respect have coequal effect with common undergraduate course. The whole country has more than 10 million people every year to take an examination of themselves, get graduation card less than 1% so under the same condition, the society usually thinks that from the examination of graduation card or better than into the examination of graduation card and remote education graduation card.

3. Raise the entrance exam only

Entrance to a national unified examination, but the examination is relatively easy, admission rate is higher, the study after admission is easier, can get graduation certificate commonly, already many adult schools begin to execute register to enter a school. Graduation card cover to study the university chapter, the certificate shows “adult education off-duty or correspondence” words.

4. Upgrading the tuition of distance education

Gradation card covers place to learn college chapter, the show on the certificate “network education” insignation, the country admits, electronic register, think normally below coequal circumstance, social recognition is spent and from take an examination, become an examination rises this equal only. In addition to the first other general need not be in the school system of the class, after taking the exam, the graduation certificate. The advantage is that it can improve the height of my education and provide better conditions for promotion, salary increase and professional title examination in the future.