Is your Alma mater still in existence?

Is your Alma mater still in existence?

Is your Alma mater still in existence?
Two years ago, in the middle school students, a student said that our normal school building has been sold to a private middle school, now is being transformed, today go to the school to have a look, take some photos.

Our Alma mater is a century-old university, built in the 1900s. It used to be the cradle of local primary and secondary school teachers and has trained tens of thousands of teachers and students.

The student shared several pictures in the group, showing a excavator under construction in front of the familiar teaching building. We sigh, screen full of memories, full of sadness.

A few days ago, I went to visit a normal school, which is also a century-old school. Now, the school has changed its owner, and the teachers and staff of the original normal school have been merged into another unit. If you do not see the statue of Mr. Tao Xingzhi, if you do not see the memorial board on an old teaching building about this building used for normal teaching, you will not think that she was once a brilliant secondary normal school.

Last May, I wrote an article: “Are we a group of” orphans “without Alma mater?” , today read, there are still too many regrets, now slightly revised, share with you:


The year before last, see the classmate that teaches in college, my lover and he an unit, we ask him, your school is arranging the file of teaching worker, want to have the school of study before give proof of record of formal schooling, did you return to the school to open proof?

“I went to secondary normal school in the 1990s,” he said. In the first few years, this school was merged into the city vocational and technical college, and later, it was merged into the local teachers’ college. I do not know where to give the certificate or where to give the certificate. I will write a statement by myself and accept all responsibility for any problems.

Finished, he sighed: I have no Alma mater!


Another friend, who teaches in a university in Shanghai, became a doctoral supervisor and full professor at the age of 40. He is the best student in our class in learning.

Once together, he also said, I really can not find the Alma mater.

This classmate, many years ago, graduated from middle normal school, then read specialty, read undergraduate course, take an examination of graduate students, doctoral students, and then stay in school. He said, the normal school he studied has been cancelled, the university he studied has been reorganized, and the graduate school he studied has been merged. None of the schools listed on my study record, these certificates, exist. Think of me as an “orphan” reading. An orphan without an Alma mater.


The year before last, I went back to my “Alma mater”, which is now a kindergarten normal school. Her predecessor, is I read the middle school.

This school used to run in a county town. From the 1910s to the 1990s when I studied, its glorious history of more than 80 years made the other two normal schools in the same city cast a shadow. Later, the school moved to the city and became a kindergarten normal school.

Because I want attestation in the division academic record, the purpose of this trip is to inquire the normal school enrollment roll in those days.

In the new campus, the campus scenery, can not find any place that can dot the memory.

However, here, I saw 30 years ago, the normal school reported to the district education committee of the student enrollment roll, which also let me feel how much this new school, and the root of our normal school.

For this strange school, there is still a trace of kindness.


A few years ago, the middle school students got together, after the party, we drove from the original school gate, we stopped at the school gate for a while, looking at the school gate far away. The magnificent school gate built after graduation, such as a lost favorite aristocrat, lonely standing beside the bustling streets.

And we are more like homeless prodigal son, infinite loss, disappointed stay for a while, no one approached, no one’s words, silently leave: we have become no Alma mater’s people, for many years!

A wanderer will never forget his hometown, no matter where he goes to the ends of the earth.

A student, regardless of flying high and heavy seas, always sentimentally attached to his Alma mater! But as students, now, our attachment has no attachment!

Is your Alma mater still in existence?

In a group of teachers and students, there is a classmate said, my normal Alma mater, now became a vocational technical college, everyone’s Alma mater is now how?

There has been a heated discussion about it and calm down, it is a heavy topic. May be how many past events, do not want to mention?

How many years of ups and downs, you still can find their own school? That home of the soul, she is now what kind of face?

That’s what I wrote last year.

Since July last year, I started to operate the official account of “Chinese Teachers and Students”. We organized a campaign called “I Speak for my Alma Mater”. According to the conventional operation, endorsement is to fulfill the authorization procedure of the subject, and then it can be regarded as a legal and compliant endorsement behavior. And “teachers and students” public number to do the endorsement activities, just a form of commemoration.

This form of commemoration has been supported by many friends, teachers and students from all over the country. Now, has issued a series of ten normal school endorsement articles. If you are a middle school student, welcome to participate in this meaningful activity.

In addition, we have an idea, nowadays, are there any well-preserved high school? If there is such a school, you can tell us.