One course is included in the high school entrance examination

One course is included in the high school entrance examination

One course is included in the high school entrance examination
With less than three months to go before the national college entrance examination, the Ministry of Education has set the tone early. In addition to continuing to expand the coverage of the “new college entrance examination”, the exam questions will be set more flexively, gradually guiding students to reduce rote memorization and mechanical scrolling. Now, tens of millions of examinees are rubbing their hands, waiting for the moment when they can pass the exam. Compared with the college entrance examination, the high school entrance examination, which has a larger number of candidates, has been very low in attention, even to the point of no one. However, this year’s mid-term exam has unexpectedly triggered repeated heat.

One course will be included in the middle school examination

Unlike the gaokao, the high school entrance exam has more subjects and a wider range of tests. However, the reform of the high school entrance exam is easier because it is not a national test, and the pace of reform has quickened in recent years to better match the requirements of quality-oriented education. Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice, it is clear that fine arts should be fully included in the reform of the high school entrance examination. And this undoubtedly released an obvious signal, the aesthetic education lesson is about to become the “standard match” in the middle school examination, the inclusion of the middle school examination is sooner or later. In fact, there are already 4 provinces to carry out the aesthetic education in the mid-term examination score, the value of 10 points to 40 points.

In fact, speaking of fine arts, we have to mention sports. In primary and secondary school teaching, these two subjects can be said to be absent, the presence is so low that some people joke that “the PE teacher is either sick or on leave.” However, in the future this situation may not last, not only the status of the art class will be reversed, the physical education class will also usher in a “spring”.

Physical education has always been a compulsory subject in the middle school entrance examination, which is beyond doubt. However, due to the relatively low score of physical education, resulting in physical education by the attention is not enough. In recent years, as some provinces and cities have gradually raised PE scores, PE classes have begun to find a place. For example, in some provinces and cities, the total score of PE can reach 100 points in the high school entrance examination, which is surprisingly high. Moreover, this year, there are committee members suggested that sports as the fourth major subject, sports and Chinese, mathematics, foreign languages in the same breath, can not help people feeling that “ten years of east decade of west”.

But is it really a good news that art and sports are attacking?

Judging from the reaction of parents, this seems like bad news. Of course, the purpose of improving the proportion of physical education, art is obvious, the starting point is for the overall development of students, especially physical education is directly related to the physical quality of students, this can not be blamed. However, the resulting negative impact is thought-provoking, which is also the anxiety of parents to see the latest reform trend in the middle school entrance examination.

On the one hand, the score of the two courses increases, and the examinees have to allocate time to prepare, which will definitely affect the review of the other courses to a certain extent, and directly lead to the increase of students’ study pressure. On the other hand, for parents, especially young parents whose family economy is relatively poor, this will undoubtedly directly increase the economic pressure. In order to enable their children to achieve the overtaking in sports and art, they have to put a lot of energy and financial resources into it, but the final effect is not necessarily satisfactory.

Therefore, in order to reduce students’ study burden and gradually realize the improvement of students’ comprehensive quality, the key is to reverse the current tendency of various exam-oriented education and return to the cultivation of students’ scientific quality.