High school students improve learning efficiency

High school students improve learning efficiency

High school students improve learning efficiency
For high school students, mastering effective learning methods can not only improve their learning efficiency, but also improve their grades quickly. More importantly, it will benefit them for life. See here will be questioned, said along with how to improve the efficiency of learning? Today senior here to bring you dry goods to share, please studentjuniorB1 then look down, the key to oh!

No.1 overall planning learning method

The overall plan learning method, first of all to develop a set of learning plan, to make learning become organized, there is order, and there are goals, there is direction. As a high school student, we should know how to use objective factors to develop a set of learning methods for ourselves.

Overall planning learning method includes four aspects: learning objectives, learning content, learning time arrangement, learning plan implementation. Of course, the study plan is not immutable, should be adjusted in real time according to the objective situation.

No.2 Interest Guide Method

Interest is the teacher of learning. How to make learning interesting is a required course for high school students. Learning is not just about hard work. Only by turning hard work into interesting learning can we improve our grades quickly. Remember that learning is not for learning’s sake. I believe you have seen many students in ordinary times. They seem to study very hard, but they do not turn their hard work into interest. In this case, their learning efficiency is very poor.

High school students improve learning efficiency
No.3 Questioning the learning method

To question the root of learning method: learning thinking, thinking process to find out the learning question, there is a learning question, to do not understand to ask, by asking questions to the teacher or students, so as to master the solution to the problem. Don’t let your ego fool you. Ask questions. Only in this way can you make progress.

As a qualified high school students, to learn to read while thinking, only serious thinking to find the problem, find the problem and solve the problem, this is the key to learning.

No.4 note-taking learning method

As a high school student, we should cultivate the habit of taking notes. A good memory is better than a bad pen. We should record the difficult points and points that are easy to forget in the learning process and bind them well so that they can be easily read in the future.

There are several ways to take reading notes:

(1) Anytime and anywhere in the margins of the book to record their own experience, for the difficult, easy to forget points are recorded, add comments, write down feelings.

(2) Mark on the book, is a relatively simple and easy note, through the mark on the book to record the thoughts to express.

(3) to their own in the book to see the important sentences, anywhere and anytime to record, easy to review in the future use.

(4) Make an outline. Outline the text in the order before and after the text.

(5) while reading, don’t forget to write down the difficulties, points, easy to ignore points, reading experience and questions encountered in reading.

(6) cutting and pasting: it is to cut and paste the information they need on the book.

(7) to make cards: is to put their needs on the content of the card.

The above four learning methods are for reference only, vary from person to person, to have the courage to try, whether successful or not, first try hard to see the results of a month, I believe you can certainly find their own a set of learning methods.