Enroll your child in a programming class

Parents who enrolled their children in programming classes

With the growing popularity of programming among children,

Enroll your child in a programming class

Online discussion is also getting more intense.

Two days ago, we saw one on Zhihu

With 440,000 views, top posts is interesting:

“–” The child is not satisfactory in the first grade, my friend suggested that we can learn programming from children. Does learning programming for children really help to improve the child’s logical thinking ability?

Another post was even more blunt — parents who enrolled their children in programming classes, do you regret it?

Under these topics, your questions will focus on

At what age and in what circumstances is it appropriate for a child to start programming?

One of the respondents had a very hardcore answer

He said:

To determine whether a child can learn to program, look at brain development and whether the child has reached the concrete operational stage.

He also provides specific testing methods:

Find some blocks (or COINS) in two columns,

Seven on the left are densely packed and six on the right are loosely packed

Parents can ask their children: Which column has more?

A child who passes the test shows that his brain is developing

We have reached the concrete operation stage,

He began to understand:

The nature of a thing does not change because of its position or shape.

Once the child’s brain has developed into a concrete operational stage,

You’re ready to start programming.

Because ultimately, programming is a way of thinking (analyzing problems, breaking them down, solving them).It requires a child’s brain to have a reserve of basic abilities.

Of course, if testing is a hard indicator,

Parental insight, then, is soft power.

Also under those two posts,

We’ve also found a lot of particularly insightful, knowledgeable parents,

Play programming with your child.

Like this little friend down here,

I grew up playing with Legos, Minecraft, and Scratch Python,

Dad’s word is “I play with him in different things.”

This kind of immersion is a good enlightenment,

Cultivate interest, but also the parent-child relationship.

In the post, we can still see

Kids who were brought up with their parents learning to code,

From playing legos and EV3, all the way up to the big time,

I was ready to learn C++ in grade 4,

All the way to natural growth,

Learning new knowledge becomes a very natural thing.

Not coincidentally, with the programming course

It is becoming more and more popular in many well-educated families,

There has also been a lot of news about new programming in the curriculum in recent years,

Such news, also let a lot of parents

The anxiety of being “late to school” arises.

Because we saw it

Foreign education system action, foreign appeal

And the response and changes in the domestic education industry in the past two years.

So we started in 2015, giving it to mom and dad

Introduce various programming toys, walkthroughs, free websites and other resources.

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  1. Children can be exposed to programming at an early age, with high logical thinking ability and strain capacity.Thank you for sharing.

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