Li Siguang's daughter Li Lin

Li Siguang’s daughter Li Lin

Li Siguang's daughter Li Lin
Heard a very interesting story, said that in the hard years before liberation, a poor family of children to study abroad, the student information registration form of the name of a column filled in the age – 14.

So he had a brainwave and changed his name to Li Zhongkui as Li Siguang. I did not expect that in the years to come this name will ring far and wide.

Like father, like daughter

Li Siguang is a famous geologist and educationist in China, who has made great contributions to China’s petroleum exploration.

And he came back to China to bring the first gamma instrument, for China to search for uranium brought favorable conditions, more with many scientific research workers for the cause of China’s two bombs made great contributions.

Today, we are going to learn about his daughter Li Lin from Li Siguang’s life.

Li Siguang's daughter Li Lin
Li Siguang met Xu Shubin when he was a professor at Peking University. Xu Shubin was teaching at the high school attached to Beijing Normal University and loved to play the piano. Wen wan beautiful, talented Xu Shubin attracted the attention of Li Siguang.

After her father’s death, she put herself through college with the support of her brother and mother. After Li Siguang proposes to Xu Shubin with a letter from home, also be the agreement that passed elder brother and mother, two people walk into the hall of marriage, from now on hand in hand lifetime.

Parents leave the best for their children, and so do Li Siguang and Xu Shubin. Li Lin’s birth added more interest to the life of the family. Li Lin’s mother taught her to play the piano at an early age, so that she developed an interest and talent for the piano at an early age.

As a father, Li Siguang did not neglect his child’s companionship. He would accompany Li Lin to climb mountains on weekends. From the top of the mountain, the scenery was magnificent and beautiful, reminding people of the green mountains and clear waters in the four corners of China.

Li Lin has been exposed to more natural scenery, and his love for the motherland has increased a lot. These deep love and deep feelings can be seen from her studying abroad and returning to China as soon as she finishes her studies, or responding to the national call to engage in nuclear reaction experiments.

When Li Lin was eleven years old, Li Siguang went to England to give lectures. He took his beloved daughter with him, so Li Lin studied in London during that period, which was a good experience for her. In the two years, she saw a lot of new things, learned a lot of new knowledge, and exercised her perception and observation power.

Li Lin is a major in mechanics at Guangxi University. Girls studying mechanics must have strong operational and observational skills, which Li Lin has, thanks to her parents’ guidance and cultivation.

Her parents are like a guide, leading Li Lin to find the direction of her life, which is to contribute her whole life to the scientific research cause of the motherland. Influenced by her father, Li Lin regarded scientific research as a sacred cause and devoted herself to it all her life.

Li Siguang's daughter Li Lin
Two advanced studies, the future for the motherland to make outstanding contributions

After graduation, Li went to Chengdu Aerospace Research Institute and worked there for two years. After that, she had the idea of further study, and soon things took shape.

Mr. And Mrs. Needham offered to help him, and with their help, he got a scholarship from the British Council to study at the University of Birmingham.

Li Lin got his wish and went abroad for further study. Mr. Jia Pingwa once said, “I dare not slack up on my mission”, which is perfectly applicable to Li Lin

There is still a little misunderstanding about Li Lin going to study in the UK. Her father had suggested that Li Lin study elasticity, but because of the secretary’s mistake, she read plastic mechanics and began to get involved in metal physics.

Due to the difference in his major, Li Lin did not go well at the beginning of his study. He did not accumulate enough knowledge of mathematics and physics when he majored in machinery in China, and there were some obstacles when he began to follow classes.

Li Siguang does not forget to write a letter to encourage love female to insist at this moment, li Lin also did not live up to father’s expectation, she uses the study of time after class through oneself, followed up slowly, achieved the requirement of the tutor at that time.

Later, Li graduated from the University of Birmingham with a master’s degree in physical metallurgy.

It can only be said that there is no end to the road to knowledge, the desire for knowledge and the desire to improve professional ability is also endless.

After finishing her master’s degree, Li won a Metal Society scholarship in the UK, which enabled her to pursue a PhD at Cambridge University.

She did not hesitate to take the opportunity to study electron microscopy and metallography at Cambridge. Two years later, Li finished his studies and returned to China.

It is said that ten years sharpen a sword, once try a sharp edge. After graduation, Li Lin came to Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with sufficient scientific research knowledge and determination to make contributions to the scientific research cause of the motherland. This is when she was 27 years old.

After campus acquaintance, like-minded, mutual support through life

Li Lin and her husband Zou Chenglu met at Cambridge University in the UK. They were both passionate and ambitious young Chinese with a keen interest in mathematics and physics. After a period of time, they found their soul and confirmed their love relationship.

At that time, Li Siguang went to the UK for investigation due to work, so he was able to reunite with his daughter in a foreign country. After meeting Zou Chenglu, he was very satisfied. In 1949, Li Siguang presided over his daughter’s wedding in the UK, full of blessings and expectations for her marriage.

Li’s scientific research was greatly supported by her husband, Zou Chenglu, who, regardless of the effects of nuclear radiation, supported his wife’s participation in the reactor material irradiation experiment.

Think of his wife’s back in the laboratory, Zou Chenglu will be proud, will shed tears! They didn’t even consider having another child because of concerns about radiation.

On the way of scientific research, Li Lin has been carrying the spirit of “screw” in his heart, where the country needs to go. In her life, her research was redirected three times by the needs of the country.

She has been engaged in iron and steel industry, atomic energy industry, superconducting material industry, professional and honest spirit of scientific research is the model of a generation of scientific research workers, but also has inspired a generation of female scientific research workers to devote all their efforts to the national scientific research determination.

Li Lin is so good, so is Zou Chenglu. He initiated and participated in the synthetic work of artificial insulin during the most difficult period of his motherland in 1958.

The successful synthesis of artificial insulin in China is regarded as another significant achievement of scientific research in China after the “two bombs and one star”. As the main route setter and supervisor, Zou Chenglu did a great job.

And I have to say that Zou Chenglu’s integrity in scientific research deserves a lot of people’s respect and thinking.

In his later years, Zou Chenglu publicly exposed a lot of academic fraud information, which once brought some life pressure to Zou and his wife, but they came hand in hand and their support was admired by everyone.

After retiring from the frontline of scientific research in their later years, Li and his wife have been engaged in the education work, supervising many graduate and doctoral students and making a contribution to the talent cultivation of our country. It is gratifying that among their students there are also future academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The couple would play tai chi, flowers and listen to Mozart during their break. It is only because of the extreme purity of their heart that their life finally returned to such a quiet place. It is also because of this that Li Siguang, Li Lin and Zou Chenglu could go so far in their scientific research.

Finally, I hope that China’s scientific research can appear more people like this family of three who are so sincere, so fascinated and so dedicated to science.

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