Three books and the real state of junior college students

Three books and the real state of junior college students

Three books and the real state of junior college students
Our country attaches great importance to education and pays more attention to the fairness of education. In such an educational environment, knowledge can change “destiny” to some extent. Over the years, how many students have realized their dreams through the college entrance examination and won a better future for themselves.

It can be said that the study of students in junior high school and high school is very hard. When it comes to the third year of senior high school, students have to race against time to study. During this period, parents will supervise students’ study status every day, and there are teachers’ supervision in school.

But after the university is not the same, leaving parents and teacher in charge of the supervision and management, all learning depends on the student’s consciousness, the student is a university did not learn the state. In particular, some of the three colleges and universities and colleges students, the study during the school is very loose.

Three and the real state of specialized students, classes, meals, house in the dormitory, no wonder the employment prospects are slim

It is inevitable that a college student’s life will be more “colorful”, because in addition to learning knowledge, college will also improve students’ skills and enhance their social skills.

College is a small society, where students can meet a lot of different people, get along with people with different temperaments, and learn a lot of truth. College is a “real” exercise for students before they enter the society.

The university 4 years time is very short actually, some students seize “time”, study well exercise oneself, but more students think that take an examination of the university is “everything is all right”, begin to relax study.

In fact, this is a common situation among college students now, but it happens more often to third-year students and junior college students. Because they are similar to universities in the 985 and 211 projects, their teaching will be more strict.

Especially in the final exam, the invigilator is also a little bit of unpretence, if found cheating and other situations, the students not only now this subject is cancelled the exam qualification, other exam results are also directly cancelled.

However, the management of the three universities and junior college students is relatively less strict. It is easy for students to pass the final exam, and teachers will try their best to “turn a blind eye”, which leads to many students becoming more lax in their study.

Especially specialized students, the final exam pass rate will be higher, so students in the study will be more lax, may come to the end of the time will think of a look at a book.

Three books and the real state of junior college students
College students are the most easy to stay in the dormitory, they sometimes will not only “skip class”, even the meal is booked into the dormitory, even the bedroom door will not go out, almost also rarely go out social.

There are so many interesting clubs in college that many college students seldom join. Their life is basically limited to eating. Sleeping, watching TV dramas and playing video games in their dorms, it’s no wonder they feel their job prospects are bleak after graduation.

What do companies look for when recruiting students?

Every year when it comes to the graduation season, the school will arrange some other campus recruitment, which is also a good opportunity for all graduates. In campus recruitment, students who are recruited by good enterprises will naturally not have to worry about finding a job after graduation.

However, it is difficult for many third-level students and junior college students to find suitable jobs in campus recruitment. In fact, they do not meet the recruitment requirements of enterprises. So what do enterprises value most in the recruitment of students?

1. The student’s skill certificate

The enterprises that recruit students in the three colleges and junior colleges will naturally not worry about the students’ educational background, but pay more attention to the students’ skills.

Especially the students of junior colleges and universities, the school teaches them more is a skill, in fact, a lot of industrial enterprises still value this point, but the most able to prove the ability of students, is the relevant grade certificate.

If the students in the university, except for eating, sleeping and staying in the dormitory, and no examination of any certificate, then almost the possibility of admission is relatively low.

At this time, students should not complain about the problem of academic qualifications. Campus recruitment still pays more attention to the ability of students. You want to prove your skills, but if you don’t even have a certificate, how can you be admitted?

2. Proof of students’ ability

This ability proof basically refers to some personnel, sales and other positions that require students to deal with a lot of customers, such as tourism management, hotel management, human resources and other majors.

In addition to the certificate, the enterprise will also value whether you have participated in any large-scale competitions in the school, whether you have served as a class cadre, student union cadre, whether you have actively participated in some school activities and so on. If your resume is empty and without any shine, the company is unlikely to hire you.

Message: the university 4 years of time is really very short, students must grasp the reality, if you feel low, will take the postgraduate entrance examination, examination of the rise, if you feel no skills, go to the certificate book, participate in activities to improve themselves, do not waste the university time, also do not give their youth regret.