Abolish the multiple choice exam

Abolish the multiple choice exam

Abolish the multiple choice exam
“The seas open with the book, and the seas open with the sea. Sprinkle the heat in the intestines, sweat hunger in the abdomen. Day after day cold window bitter, chao body and brain tired”

We often use the above lines to describe the importance of the college entrance examination and the hard work of studying hard at a cold window for 12 years. Since the reintroduction of the college entrance examination in 1977, the college entrance examination has been 44 years old. During this process, the form, policies and question types of the college entrance examination have changed a lot, but what remains unchanged is the enthusiasm of the students for the college entrance examination.

The college entrance examination enrollment rate increases, the value of academic qualifications depreciates

In the first year, 5 million people participated in the college entrance examination, but the final admission rate was less than 4.8%. That is to say, out of 5 million people, only 240,000 were admitted to universities, which is really very low.

But in recent years, the college entrance examination number increases year by year, can be said to be the “national college entrance examination”, 10.71 million people in 2020 college entrance examination, rapid growth of the number of people to attend the university entrance exam, the acceptance rate is also growing, more than 90%, while the acceptance rate include one, two, three run by the local people and junior college, although some colleges and universities value is not high, but also in higher education.

However, with the popularization of higher education year by year, the value of a degree has been depreciated. Under the current environment, it is almost impossible to find a good job with a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, many people choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination to improve the value of their degrees, so the value of the college entrance examination is not so high.

Eliminate multiple choice questions and improve the value of the college entrance examination

In modern college entrance examination, for example, most of the questions are multiple choice, such as mathematics, a total of 22 questions, the entire paper 12 to multiple choice, multiple choice as ABC three options, there are 33.3% of the time, even if you don’t have any knowledge reserves, to choice contain knowledge, know nothing, and meng to chance.

If lucky, 12 multiple choice questions can even all meng right, this can reach more than 70 points, by meng can reach high marks, is not enough open and abovety? Is it unfair to those who pay all their efforts for the study of the candidates?

Therefore, a principal in Shenzhen put forward a suggestion about the question type of the college entrance examination: “The multiple choice questions should be cancelled in the college entrance examination, and then the multiple choice questions should be cancelled after success. All the questions are answered, leaving no chance for students to be confused.”

Didn’t have the opportunity to meng, all by real skills and knowledge to the exam, have the ability to test high marks, not even have the ability to get 0 points, so as to improve the gold content of the college entrance examination questions, better distribution, indirectly improve the value of education, after graduation from university can find a good job, no need to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

The public has different views on the proposal of abolishing multiple choice questions in the college entrance examination

Some people oppose that even if the college entrance examination questions are simple and difficult, it is a ladder type, so as to better distribute. The popularity of college entrance examination has reached a certain height, how can we use the “one size fits all” way to distribute it? That is not to let the education back?

The university entrance exam questions do have meng ingredients, but to some extent is also exercise students way of thinking, some students head and flexible, understand the lines, not one by one to calculate method can find the answers to the multiple choice, while some students learn less rigid, no matter what the topic initio in place, a waste of time even could not answer the question.

Therefore, multiple choice questions are also a kind of ability to test students, if all become solution questions, the question will lack a certain flexibility.

Abolish the multiple choice exam
There are also some people who support the abolition of multiple choice questions in the college entrance examination, so that no students can be confused. Only in this way can the college entrance examination be truly fair. After all, the college entrance examination is a demonstration of the city, and the multiple choice questions do have lucky elements in them.

Some people imagine that they can increase the number of choices to 7-8, so that there is no chance of muddling, and only if they are really good at it can they be right.

The author thinks that, restore the university entrance exam for 44 years, has been in constant progress, to cancel the university entrance exam to improve academic value, is indeed a step backwards of admissibility is not high, after all, the university entrance exam development up to now, already has a fixed template, cancel the choice means, for development of students’ learning enthusiasm and the university entrance exam is not a good thing.

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