Pupil-school leave notes are popular

Pupil-school leave notes are popular

Pupil-school leave notes are popular
Primary school students’ ‘foresee the future’ request for leave is popular, the teacher is confused: Do you know anything like God?

Many schools in the region, students in the time of leave, are required to submit a “leave”, and the leave should be neatly written, clear content, explain why they want to leave, the teacher see, feel reasonable, will be approved.

Generally speaking, when students ask for leave, are the need to call their parents, after all, the students are relatively small, do not get the permission of their parents, is not allowed to leave the school without authorization. And also need to fill in a leave to just go, to prevent some pupils because of “fun”, make up the reason at random.

Recently saw some of the primary school students on the Internet to ask for leave, have to say that now the children are really very clever, in order to ask for leave any reason can think of, before the cold, stomachache this kind of reason, and now the primary school students compared to ask for leave, it is too insignificant.

Primary school students “predict the future” leave note, the teacher is confused: do you know things like God?

The little boy, do you have the ability to “predict the future”, otherwise how do you know you will have a stomachache tomorrow? Such a request for leave, after the teacher saw, must be funny, it is obvious that this is the students “looking for reasons”, the teacher also did not directly criticize, replied a word: “do you expect things like god? Tomorrow can be predicted “?

However, it is also possible that the student intended to write today but mistakenly wrote tomorrow. In either case, the pupil’s request for leave is not only not approved, but may also become the focus of the teacher’s observation.

Primary school students “take care of the dog next door” leave note, teacher: your name, not appropriate

This pupil’s leave note is not only neatly written, and also wrote more words, it seems to be a very good reason, but after seeing the content, can not help but make people laugh and cry, because his reason is that the bitch will give birth to a puppy, they want to go back to take care of it.

The point is that the dog is not his home, is next door, leave note also said and the bitch feelings are very good, I hope the teacher can approve, but also let the teacher laugh or cry. But what was more interesting was that the primary school student’s name was Liu Chan, and the teacher replied directly: “No, it’s not suitable for your name.”

Pupil “a class hungry” leave note

If the above two primary school students’ reasons for asking for leave are not bad enough, then this one is really ridiculous. The reason for the primary school students is “a class hungry”, need to ask for leave to the teacher to go home to eat, and also need 3 days.

Pupil-school leave notes are popular
It seems that the pupil is really want to go home, or will not come up with such a “ridiculous” reason, even the teacher in the following reply he said: “take”! It seems that anyone who sees this pupil will be impressed by his imagination.

“Sincere” request for leave from primary school students

Compared with the above several primary school students’ leave note, the primary school students’ leave note is a lot more sincere, she directly wrote in the leave note that she wanted to go home to sleep, because school is really tired, want to ask for a day off, I hope the teacher can approve.

However, such a reason the teacher is naturally impossible to approve, many netizens see after the straight shout: “the child is really sincere”, there are netizens laughing, hope the teacher to see the pupils so sincere, give the child a day off.

Why do pupils always want to ask for leave

In fact, whether it is in primary school or junior high school, high school students, even if the parents have to work, there will inevitably want to leave the impulse. But adult self-control is stronger, plus life pressure to wait, dare not ask for leave easily.

Junior high school, high school students have been more sensible, but also know the significance of learning, coupled with parental supervision, basically will not ask for leave at will. But primary school students are different, because they are younger, more innocent, self-management ability is low, for school leave has not a very good concept.

How to reduce pupil “weariness of learning” mood

1. Correct learning attitude and develop good learning habits

In fact, a lot of primary school students, at the beginning of the school will not adapt to, because originally at home can play at will, sleep, but after school also need to attend classes, home also have to do homework, it is inevitable that is not used to.

However, students at this time do not understand a lot of parents say the truth, parents need to do is to let the child correct learning attitude, develop good learning habits, at home when you can also customize a schedule, when the time is sure to learn, a long time to develop a habit of the child.

Parents should play the power of the example

For the front of the children to develop good behavior habits, in fact, is very useful for primary school students, until the students on the junior high school, high school and then a little late to cultivate.

In addition to letting students develop good study habits, parents also need to play the power of example, when students study at home, parents can also take a book to read, with their own learning attitude, to set an example for their children.

Message: in fact, these pupils leave note also reflects that, now many pupils writing ability is poor, can not clearly express their ideas, the content is not logical, but to write more leave note, is also a kind of writing practice.