Want to take the 985 University

Want to take the 985 University

Want to take the 985 University
In recent years, universities in China have gradually cancelled the “985” and “211” labels, and more and more universities and disciplines are used to classify universities. However, for students and employers, “985” is still used to distinguish university strength.

For high school students can get into 985 colleges and universities is the dream of many students, not only can gain good teachers in these colleges and universities education, and in the future employment also will have higher competitiveness, many students have cold window study hard in high school, so only in order to be able to get good grades, smooth was admitted to 985 colleges and universities.

There are a total of 39 universities with 985 Project Qualifications in China, each of which has a long history and a strong faculty and is widely recognized throughout the country. These colleges and universities have become the ideal of many high school students and also undertake the responsibility of training and conveying talents for the country.

The National College Entrance Examination of 2021 is just around the corner, with only half a year to go. The last half semester of Senior Three has become a crucial stage for many students to sprint, and it will also bring great psychological pressure to students.

Generally speaking, in the last half year, there will be three important mock exams, which will become the standard to measure students’ ability to master. Among these three mock exams, the first one is of vital significance.

High school three years of many simulation exam, what kind of significance?

Find Weaknesses

The most important purpose of the mock exam is to help students to find out their weaknesses in learning. They can seize the last half year for a comprehensive review, aiming at the weak links to improve their overall competitiveness, and finally be admitted to the ideal university.

Want to take the 985 University
Exercise psychological quality

For high school students, need to bear a great psychological pressure, and the simulation test can help students to enter the exam state faster, avoid because of the psychological pressure is too large, and lead to a variety of conditions in the examination room, performance play disorders.

Candidates can constantly exercise their mentality to adapt to the examination room through the simulation test, adjust their ability to bear, exercise psychological quality, so as to play the best results in the college entrance examination.

Develop your answer skills

Candidates can also develop relevant answering skills from the simulation test. After all, answering skills also play a very important role in the college entrance examination. How to divide the answering time and how to improve the answering speed are skills that candidates need to master.

Students can constantly hone themselves in the simulation exam, find out the way and skills that are really suitable for them, to improve the answering speed, and win more effective time in the college entrance examination.

Many college students dream of being admitted to 985 universities. However, 985 universities are quite difficult to enroll students and have high requirements on students’ performance.

If you want to successfully admitted to this type of university, so in the model exam need to get better results, can have a greater possibility, let us listen to listen to the senior teacher in charge of how to interpret.

Want to take an examination of 985 university, high 3 “one model” how many points to take an examination of just be sure? Listen to the interpretation of the teacher in charge

The average score is 120 in non-digital language

In the view of the head teacher, if you want to improve the possibility of admission to 985 colleges and universities, it is suggested that students should not relax in the three basic subjects.

The best three subjects can maintain a total score of more than 360 points, converted to an average score of 120 points per subject, can better improve the overall score, admission to 985 colleges and universities will be more confident.

The total score reached 650 points

Generally speaking, in the first mock exam, the difficulty of the paper will be relatively larger, even higher than the college entrance examination, so in the first mock exam, if the total score can reach about 650 points, then you are almost sure to be admitted to 985 University.

Students who have had college entrance examination experience must have a clear memory of the difficulty of the first model exam. The difficulty of the first model exam is relatively high, and many students’ scores of the first model are quite different from those of the final college entrance examination, which is usually caused by the following three reasons.

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