How aggressive are modern parents?

How aggressive are modern parents?

How aggressive are modern parents?
I was running this weekend when I turned on the latest episode of the Comedian Chat podcast, looking for something light in the background. Unexpectedly this period of chat, the more listen to the more breathless.

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It was a relaxed start, with the anchor sharing his parenting model: relay.

Because he felt that one person’s willpower was limited, he negotiated with his wife to take turns helping the children with homework every day. Switch people every hour or so to prevent willpower exhaustion and emotional loss.

It sounds very pictureable and drama, and when it comes out of the mouth of a stand-up comedian, it’s like a joke that makes people laugh. But I was shocked to hear from the audience.

The show is recorded by a stand-up comedy team in Beijing, and some audience members will be invited. So these are Beijing parents, and here are their stories:

Haidian mother A

Her husband is Dr. Ching Bei. The child is 4 years old and 10 months old, and now I have 5 classes for the child: language number + swimming piano. She said she didn’t know what anxiety was until she had dinner with her husband, a classmate, and he told her a set of statistics:

There are 80,000 high school students a year in Beijing.

She went home to check, she was registered in Beijing that year the newborn is 180,000. That means more than half of her children’s age will not go to high school.

Instantly she turned chicken baby Buddha mother.

Papa B

Supplementary data of Haidian mother: in 2006, there were 60,000 newborns with Beijing household registration, while in 16-18, there were 200,000 newborns every year. That threefold increase in 10 years means competition has also soared. Moreover, many of the parents of these children are excellent students who have been admitted to Beijing from other places.

(I also checked the data. In 2019, the proportion of the population with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Beijing was 35.3% and 8.4%, respectively. The national figures are 6.9% and 0.64%, which also means that parents in Beijing have a higher education level.)

Chaoyang Dad C

Self-mockery comes from Chaoyang, an education depression in Beijing. Some time ago, because of the epidemic, the school investigated the situation of students attending small dining tables and remedial classes. He found that only eight of the 42 students in his first-grade class had missed the class. Sixty percent of the children enrolled in English classes, resulting in a class of 42 students with 35 full marks in English. And 100% of the girls will take up piano or dance.

Mother D

Claims to come from Beijing Education Trench Shijingshan. The scene showed the most expensive bag in his life: a canvas bag exchanged for three years of learning and thought points. It costs as much as 10 designer bags. She said every time the school took an exam, it would announce the grade of each subject their child was in. Even the parents’ meeting is based on the results of the top ten open, 11-20 open again, and so on. In such an atmosphere, children can’t help being anxious.

Haidian mother E

I know a child who got a top grade FCE in Year 4 when her mother bit off a piece of him while preparing for her exams. And her mother was proud to say it.

She once attended a tutoring class with a group of very good children. When the class ended, the whole corridor was filled with cries of parents beating and cursing their children.

And then she said, “It makes me feel like…

I thought she was going to say in the second half of the sentence that it was really morbid, but instead she said it was really going to work.

How aggressive are modern parents?
She said that the parents of the top-5 students she knew in Xueersi, Haidian District, who were in the top 10, 000 in their age group, were very ruthless. Once together online class, the teacher shouted this child answer the question several times, do not answer. At last he turned on the mic, crying and talking. It turned out that his mother was beating him while he was teaching.

My child if the result can row to the Haidian District top five, I which willing to play, proper ancestors for up.

Haidian District, which has been mentioned many times, has 105 private education institutions within a 500-meter radius of Huangzhuang, which has been nicknamed the Universe Education and Training Center by netizens.

Haidian Huangzhuang reports, has also been the focus of public attention.




“Middle-class families spend 30 to 40 percent of their annual income on their children’s education,” a Huangzhuang employee said in an interview. “This money will definitely be spent.”

Another podcast I listened to, Random Waves, had a guest whose mother said that her child had to take three classes in math alone: the upper class in the same grade and the regular class in the next

Brush the topic class

So how difficult is this course? The guest mother’s child in the third grade Olympiad, she said to accompany the child in class, the head back to a WeChat kung fu, then looked up and did not understand. And this mother is a graduate of Ching Bei Ben-Master.

There is another famous joke about Haidian Education:

Q: the child is 4 years old, the English vocabulary is only about 1500, is not enough?

A: It’s certainly enough in the United States, but certainly not enough in Haidian.

So what is causing this growing arms race?

One is the theatrical effect.

In the theater, when the front row of the audience stands up, the back row of the audience has to do the same. Because of the chain reaction of the theater, more people had to stand up to watch, and eventually everyone stood up, and some even stood on chairs to watch. The end result was that everyone had to work very hard to stand up when they could have been sitting comfortably through the play.

In the buzzword of the day, it is called “inside roll”.

Parents are giving their children training classes around, can you bear it? The middle school next door closes at 9 p.m., and your kid’s school closes at 5 p.m., so you don’t have to call the principal?

Some training centers blatantly advertise: you come to me to cultivate your children, you don’t come to me to cultivate your children’s competitors.

Second, because now the child growth path fault tolerance rate is too low. Most people still expect their children to achieve academic success in order to have more choices in the future.

The school life of the modern child is tightly tied, and the mobility is very low. Because everyone is trying so hard, and once you get a little slack in the middle, it’s hard to catch up.

If you want to go to a good university, you should go to a good high school. Want to read a good high school will be a good junior high school; A good junior high school needs a good primary school.

It’s like a company’s plan to go public, going backwards step by step. Every exam is like a financing, one step can not be wrong.

In Beijing, for example, 65 percent of the students from the Qing Dynasty came from middle schools in Huangzhuang, Haidian District.

Are all parents engaged in this crazy arms race?

Not really.

There were also two parents in the Comedian Talk episode who said their children should be happy.

One of them gave children fencing practice, horseback riding, drama, sketch, and even played Alan’s son in “Shy Iron Fist”. Versailles let the host want to recognize his father on the spot;

Another is directly prepared to emigrate to the child…….