What children need is companionship and guidance

What children need more than grades is companionship and guidance

Previously, there was such an article, which has been maxed out by my parents’ circle of friends — “My husband and I graduated from Qingbei, can I accept my child to go to a third-rate school?”

Unexpectedly, the author is called “science fiction goddess” Hao Jingfang…

What children need is companionship and guidance

Because it is Hao Jingfang, so many parents ridicule, not everyone has the strength to write such a title!She is so excellent.She has an Undergraduate degree in physics and a PhD in economics at Tsinghua University.

She also won the first prize in the fourth New Concept composition contest, and finally won the World Science Fiction Hugo Award for folding Beijing.

So, Hao Jingfang is really a typical “other family’s child”!

But even this brilliant Tsinghua student has her share of hard work, confusion and anxiety after becoming a mother.

For example, since becoming a mother of two children, she gets up at 4 or 5 o ‘clock every day to write for 1-2 hours, and tries to spend time with her children on weekends.

For example, she often publishes many thoughts on parenting and education.Because like most ordinary parents, she has a lot of parenting problems.

For example, she started studying early childhood psychology because of her second child’s sleep problems.Because the kids started the general education program for kids.

She put forward a very sharp question in her article — Gao Zhi’s parents, whether can accept their children can only go to ordinary university?

Behind this, in fact, is a problem of parents’ expectations for their children.

Indeed, most of the time we are busy to the children to learn this to learn that, often buy a million school district room, crowded into a famous school for children, weekend time all in the interest class, but we have not thought about –

Why do children learn all this?

Is it just for college?

What about after you graduate from school?

What is the ultimate purpose of our children’s education?

So that they can find good jobs in the society?

The real expectation of parents is alienated by anxiety!As Hao jingfang said, when her anxiety was stripped away, she finally found that all she wanted for her children was:

No matter what school, expect her independence, like things, have the path of self-pursuit, can break out of their own small world, full and happy.I hope she can find her way on her own.

Her words have struck a chord with countless parents, making people feel that sanwei is too correct!

So, it doesn’t matter whether your child goes to the public or private sector. What matters is what you want your child to achieve through education.

Parents should build a foundation with their children, help them find what they like, and support them to burn their lives with passion. This is a good education, and such education can only be provided by the family almost.”

In her recent book, Child, Be Brave and Have Light in Your Heart, she answers a question that parents are dying to ask: “What do kids spell these days?”

Hao jingfang’s answer is — difference skills.

Differences in skills benefit children throughout their lives

What is “difference skill”?What can make a big difference between people must be the skill that some people master and others can’t master. This is the difference skill.

Math, English, piano, art.In any field, if children are merely taught skills, they will eventually acquire “common skills”.

Parents put a lot of effort into developing their children’s common skills, which in the short term can make a difference with other children, but this advantage does not last long.

Parents should spend most of their time and energy developing their children’s ‘skills of difference’, which are the very skills that can make a big difference.

What should parents do?First of all, it is necessary to enhance the child’s deep understanding, a specific point, is to cultivate the child’s thinking habits.

When your child has a problem, encourage him to think actively and independently, instead of telling him the answer and solution right away.This is one of Hao’s parenting ideas.

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  1. No matter which school she goes to, I hope her independence will be like a thing, with a path of self-pursuit.Thank you for sharing.

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