He was pulled to be weighed at the beginning of the school year

He was pulled to be weighed at the beginning of the school year

He was pulled to be weighed at the beginning of the school year
How time flies, in a twinkling of an eye, the pleasant winter vacation is over. I don’t know how you had this holiday, is it “every festive season fat”?

Just two days ago, Xiaobian learned a special thing: Sichuan Tianfu New Area Aviation Tourism Technology College took measures against the “fat three jins” : the school checked the weight of all the employees according to the body weight standard of civil aviation employees, and ordered those who exceed the standard to lose weight within a certain time limit. Overweight people are required to exercise at school to lose weight, and are not allowed to attend classes until their weight is up to par.

What? Do you think this is not cool, or even that the school has gone too far?

Not at all, because the weight is being measured, not by the students in the school, but by the teachers!


Because this school is a school with aviation professional hook up, so the appearance of the students, image, temperament have certain requirements, presumably in everyday teachers do not say “keep shape” and so on.

As a result, this just after the fifteenth day of the first month, was pulled on the scale by the school, was not allowed to go to class as punishment — this is not a public punishment?

When the time comes the student one ask: “XX teacher how didn’t come to class?”

“He’s been suspended from school for half a month.”

Xiaobian if the teacher’s students, the head can laugh off.

But besides laughing, I still need to think about it: these teachers probably won’t fly as civil aviation employees again, so why should the school use this standard to ask them?

The answer is simple. Teaching is a profession that needs to lead by example.

Some parents think that teachers are only responsible for teaching knowledge. However, there is an ancient saying: teachers, so preaching, learning and solving doubts also.

Preaching is to tell the truth; Teaching is teaching academic work; To answer doubts is to answer questions.

Among the three, the only one that is really related to learning is “imparting knowledge”, while “preaching” and “solving doubts” are more about life growth.

Students from the heart of the teacher’s admiration

But want to do the student is willing to communicate with the teacher, willing to absorb the teacher’s “way” and listen to the teacher to solve his “confused”, first of all have to let him admire the teacher from the heart, and then have the things behind.

If a teacher cannot teach his pupils what he himself can do, where can he be admired?

The students would just turn their noses up at him.

The same goes for parents, because parents are the first teachers of children.

Some time ago, a parent complained to Xiaobian that her child was addicted to the stars. Once her favorite bean appeared on the variety show, she would watch it over and over again. No matter how she was told to study, it was not worth it. They had no choice but to confiscate the child’s mobile phone.

Later on a careful inquiry, found that don’t say the child, the parents themselves are addicted to entertainment gossip of the main son, all day is not “running male” is “wave sister”, the child’s star chase is nine out of ten with her learn.

So no matter how painstakingly she goes to persuade the child not to chase stars, to study hard, it is not useful, because the child does not agree with her.

Then she thought she had a generation gap with the child. The child was not obedient in the rebellious period and should be disciplined strictly. She snapped at the child and confiscated the mobile phone, which made the parent-child relationship very tense.

But in fact, just her body did not make, but the body does not teach it.

Senior three students from the college entrance examination, only 94 days; There are still one year and 94 days to go before the college entrance examination for Grade Two students. And the first grade students, two years and 94 days.

High school students are busy learning all day long, no time to think about admire admire not admire things: can do, one drum study down, certainly line; No, it won’t be easy and there won’t be enough time to change his old habits and opinions.

However, it is still too late to correct their views on their parents and teachers.

Teachers can lead by example, Xiaobian is to believe that, after all, they are professionals, and are in contact with the children during working hours, students are convinced.

But you, who are reading this article, are you leading by example?