Inclusive private garden fees can be a little higher

Inclusive private garden fees can be a little higher

Inclusive private garden fees can be a little higher
The two sessions this year, in the central committee of the “about proposals to promote the development of high quality universality private kindergarten” in the proposal, will PuHuiYuan kindergarten level linked to fill award policy, allowing universality private kindergartens raise the fees for benign development, and by providing training opportunities, improve the welfare and salary treatment, can build a support universality kindergarten quality development team of wang.

The Central Committee of the Democratic Advancement believes that at present, universal private kindergartens in the process of promoting quality development, generally faced with the local universal private kindergartens to identify the lack of norms, to universal private kindergartens funding support measures are not in place, the number of health care and education teams is insufficient, quality is not high.

In this regard, the Democratic Progressive Central Committee has put forward three suggestions. First of all, it is necessary to urge all places to regulate the identification standards of inclusive private kindergartens. The level of Puhui Garden will be linked to the award and subsidy policy, and the higher the level of running a school, the more funds the government will enjoy, so as to encourage Puhui Garden to continuously improve the quality of running a school. Specialized teams will be established to supervise the implementation of pre-school universal benefits policies, conduct special inspections on the implementation of relevant policies, and incorporate them into the education supervision and assessment system of county-level governments to exercise dynamic supervision.

Secondly, we should accelerate the establishment of the government investment, family reasonable burden, encourage social investment, diverse participation in the financing mechanism of preschool education. On the one hand, we should establish and improve the financial support system for universal kindergartens. On the other hand, allow the universal private parks to properly raise fees to obtain a sound development. Encourage inclusive private kindergartens to develop their own characteristics, allowing them to offer interest classes in line with age characteristics and the development rules of preschool children, evening care classes, weekend classes and other forms of additional services to meet the needs of families, and at the same time solve the problem of insufficient costs in running kindergartens.

In addition, in the construction of teachers, the Democratic Progressive Central Committee suggested that we should build a team that can support the quality development of universal kindergartens. First, private kindergarten teachers will be included in the teacher training system to enjoy the same training opportunities as teachers in public kindergartens, and the required funds will be included in local fiscal budgets according to the standards for training teachers in public primary and secondary schools, and the full amount will be appropriated.

Second, when calculating the cost of running kindergartens, teachers’ salaries should be calculated as higher than the average income of local urban residents, allowing universal private kindergartens to use government subsidies to increase teachers’ salaries and welfare benefits.

Third, we should establish a mobility mechanism for teachers of public and universal private kindergartens, and encourage teachers to exchange posts between public and private kindergartens.