I want to take the civil service exam

I want to take the civil service exam

I want to take the civil service exam
Recently, it is the peak period of 2021 provincial examination registration. Every day, Tutu can receive a variety of questions from candidates, among which the most frequently asked question is “What should I do if my major is too small and there is no suitable position”. What degree can these examinee’s major slant to? Truth be told, a lot of professional Tutu have never even heard of it. So, major too slant examinee wants to attend civil servant examination how should do?

Don’t panic, there are three ways you can do it:

First, apply for “three unlimited” positions

What are three unlimited positions? It refers to the positions in the job list that have no restrictions on educational background (college degree or above), household registration or major, and the “three restrictions” are favored by candidates of less popular majors. Perhaps because of the low entry threshold for the “three unlimited” positions, the competition pressure for the “three unlimited” positions is very great, no less than the hot positions. If you do not have strong own conditions, Tutu is not recommended to register for the “three unlimited” position, after all, the higher the position limit requirements, the easier it is to land, which is well known.

Two, through the “upgrade” or “postgraduate entrance examination” to change the major

This is relatively simple, but also has a great benefit to the examinee. Major is born to be able to choose new major through rise this only, undergraduate student can change major through take an examination of grind. If your major does not have a suitable position in the job list, then upgrading to a higher level or changing your major through the postgraduate entrance examination is your best choice.

I want to take the civil service exam
3. Change your major with the help of your second degree

If have not graduated now, want to take an examination of civil servants after graduation again, can pass enter oneself for an examination 2 degree study but another major, want to be able to check record of formal schooling information on learning letter net only, no matter be enter oneself for an examination civil servant or public institution can. This is also a good approach.

From civil servants hot enroll professional calendar year, the Chinese language and literature, economy, law, computer, management and other professional is very popular in the civil service exam, if you want to pass the second degree change major, can give priority to the several major, if not after graduation to take an examination of civil servants can also find a good job.

And finally:

Professional questions, while important, are by no means an obstacle to entering the civil service. The hope is cold professional you can change the dilemma that major slants too through effective way, pass civil servant examination smoothly finally!