"Call and call" after school!

“Call and call” after school!

"Call and call" after school!
The school gate of Weihai Road Third Primary School is very deserted

The campus, which had been empty, was full of voices


What happened?

On the playground, the children are laughing happily playing ball games; In the classroom, some children are doing their homework seriously, some are learning vocal music under the guidance of the teacher, and some are playing puzzles and painting landscapes…


According to Principal Roger

According to the relevant requirements of the Municipal Education Commission and District Education Bureau

Since this semester, the school has been carrying out for several years

The time and content of the three-part after-school service

It has been tweaked and fleshed out

For the first time

3:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Students complete the day’s homework, and subject teachers to provide love tutoring.

The second time

4:00 PM to 4:30

Students can choose to participate in more than 20 physical and mental activities such as painting, vocal music, reading and fitness under the guidance of teachers.

The third time

At 4:30 to 6 PM

In the evening care service, students can read extracurricular books and periodicals freely under the guidance of teachers, or have table games with classmates, talk about interesting things in study and life.

The content of the three-part learning activity can be adjusted flexibly. Some children who have completed their homework during normal school hours can play sports in the playground, read books in the reading corridor, or participate in activities such as art performances.

What interested the reporter was this

At any time during after-school services

From time to time there are parents from time to time

With a “Wyatt card” in hand

To take the kids home

Vice principal Liang Yao told reporters that this is to meet the needs of parents to pick up their children, and “Wei Yue Card” can be used to verify the identity of parents, to eliminate the potential safety risks of flexible pick up children.

For the card to pick up the child

Parents were impressed

At about 4:10, Mr. Huang came to the school to pick up his daughter, who was in Grade 2. At the school gate, he first showed his health code and “Wyatt card” to the security guard and measured his temperature. Then he came to the classroom and took the “Weiyue Card” to the nurse teacher for verification. The nurse teacher carefully checked the card and the person and confirmed that there was no mistake before he let Mr. Huang leave with his daughter.

"Call and call" after school!
In the face of such cumbersome verification procedures, Mr Huang repeatedly praised this card to the reporter is to ensure student safety, let parents rest assured of the “security card”.

It is reported that in order to do a good job of after-school service, not only the first-line discipline teachers are on duty, but also all the second-line staff also take part in the nursing work, especially after the normal school time on Friday afternoon, the second-line staff of the school take more responsibility for the care of children. For this, the second-tier teachers are very supportive: “First-line discipline teachers usually have to work hard with both teaching and nursing, so it is necessary for us to take on more nursing tasks on Friday.”

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