Lin Zhiying, 2-year-old twin son

Lin’s 2-year-old twin sons can actually multiply

The other day, when the Mom and Dad camp visited the parenting website,

Frightened by a piece of news,

Lin’s 2-year-old son, Kai Kai,

Can you do multiplication already?!

Mom and Dad read it right, it’s two-year-olds doing multiplication tables!

Lin Zhiying, 2-year-old twin son

Lin Zhiying had three sons in all,

Kimi, the famous boss,

Because “Dad, where are We Going?” went off without a hitch in its first season.

Then Lin had twins.

One of them is kaikai.

Kekai, who had successfully passed his brother Kimi’s multiplication test,

He has also become the future “excellent student” in the mouth of many netizens.

Of course, some netizens said:

Ist because Kimi is not good at math that Lin Zhiying is so keen on Kaikai’s study

Others said,

Excellent students are 3 years old to see the old!

So, some netizens found Lin Zhiying once posted 5 years old Kimi homework microblog, um…Kimi’s math is really mediocre.

Kimi, 5 years old, is the equivalent of a kindergarten class,

The algebra part, we started with the simple idea of a sequence.

For example, there’s the part where the kids are Creating Patterns themselves,

Let the child create his own rules.

Kimi, who is not very good at math,

Kaikai, who multiplied at the age of two,

And what we found is that from kindergarten,

I started to learn math,

There are no natural high achievers,

Learning the basics slowly and steadily during the Enlightenment,

To cultivate a solid foundation of children.

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