Abolish English as the main subject in primary and secondary schools?

Abolish English as the main subject in primary and secondary schools?

Abolish English as the main subject in primary and secondary schools?
As the two sessions are about to begin, CPPCC members from all over the country have gathered in Beijing, the capital of our country.

Before the meeting began, a large number of CPPCC members were interviewed by reporters to reveal their proposals for this year, and one proposal attracted a lot of attention.

“It is suggested that English should be abolished as the main subject in primary and secondary schools.” This is the proposal of Xu Jin.

The question of whether English is important to Chinese students is not just being raised now, but has been discussed for a long time.

Of course, the final result is important, so English gradually from the minor subject gradually become the main subject of students.

I remember when I was a kid, I only had two English classes a week until third grade, and then it became three and then four.

Belong to the minor subject above, the main subject under the position, to the junior high school English is almost and Chinese, the importance of mathematics, no different.

That’s why people use the words “language, number and English” together.

But over the years, we can also see a problem.

That is, after all these years of learning English, we seem to have no use for it at all, except during test time.

This is the reason for Commissioner Xu’s proposal.

In today’s society, he says, English takes up about 10 percent of students’ class time, and that doesn’t include remedial time outside of school.

However, after the students enter the society, English can only be useful to less than 10% of the students.

Therefore, the universality of English is very poor.

It would be better to spend the time on the quality education that primary and secondary school students need to strengthen, namely “music, art, sports”.

Abolish English as the main subject in primary and secondary schools?
And after investigation, Xu Jin committee members also found that there are many translation software or machines.

All of them can provide oral translation services at least CET-6 for everyone.

With the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry, the service will get better and better. Therefore, translation profession is considered by many people as one of the first occupations to be eliminated.

Listening to committee member xu jin said so, it seems that English is really not necessary to be listed as the main subject.

But is it really that simple? I’m not so sure.

Without saying much, I will simply list the following points:

1. For those with a master’s degree or above in China, if they want to publish a paper, they need to publish it in English in foreign journals. In the process of learning, the main content of learning is basically in English.

2. The Internet industry is also built on the basis of English, including the most basic code;

3, many industrial products, are also English operation interface, including our ordinary car buttons, or when taking an airplane, the airplane cockpit buttons;

There are many more I need not say, too many people can not live without the use of English.

Besides being inseparable from the use of English, I think there are many other factors restricting us.

One is that China has too many primary and secondary school English related practitioners, here specifically refers to tutoring agencies.

If all of a sudden, English is removed from the main subject, or even from the Gaokao, it will cause countless people to lose their jobs, and these unemployed people will find it difficult to find other jobs of the same type.

Second, reducing the time for primary and middle school students to learn English is equivalent to reducing their understanding of the world outside China.

It is a great irony and regressive that we shrink back when many foreigners are still trying to get to know China.