Do old comic fans have dreams?

Do old comic fans have dreams?

Do old comic fans have dreams?
Remember last year’s college entrance examination, such as thousands of troops across the single-log bridge, such as a stampede. If you can not meet a brave victory, was thousands of troops covered all over with cuts and bruises.

In this world where high scores are prized, winners gallop and losers are unhappy. Unfortunately; I’m the latter…

Although I did not succeed in being admitted to my favorite college, I still have the opportunity to further my study in the new campus. As an ancient saying goes, “Ordinary people miss the path they want, and if they go astray, they will be confused.”

Therefore, before entering the new campus, it is necessary to plan a good university plan, so that the university will not be confused for an indefinite period.

In the first year; Lay a firm foundation, with the idea that the foundation is not firm and the earth is shaking, and the belief that “I want to learn” becomes “I want to learn”.

In the second year; It is necessary not only to grasp the foundation firmly, but also to prepare for the transition from basic courses to professional courses. And catch up, take the initiative to deepen the study of professional courses.

In the third year; Sail thousands of miles, lock the target, for the road and travel.

In the fourth year; After three years, also should boil wine to talk about the hero.

Do old comic fans have dreams?
“But sometimes I ask myself, what are you fighting for? What does it mean to win?” – climbing

My answer is: “for the heart’s desire of” learning and excellence, business “and hard work, can better survival and development is victory.”

According to Xi remember the college entrance examination frustrated in the eyes of others and parents of helplessness, choose to “look to the money” and rushed to pay the society’s dissatisfaction and the so-called youth blood for the game technology contemporary distrust, so that everywhere; Nothing goes right. Should be “full of sadness and sorrow”, but it is not “poor, universal, reach?” . When you look up at the sky, maybe you can recall the light in your heart. It is a 24 – hour warm heart, light passers-by lamp. Do you remember when you approached that light? “The book surplus four walls, all rivers run into the sea; The tea fragrance is dense and the ink fragrance overflows.” It takes a long time just to paint black and white type on the page. Here and now, everything in the meeting.

Do old comic fans have dreams?

This lamp is like the sun before dawn, at the beginning of the dream to rekindle hope, do not forget the original intention, with the warmth of the lamp to pass on to more people.

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