The "signature" on a roll of paper by elementary school students has gone viral

The “signature” on a roll of paper by elementary school students

The "signature" on a roll of paper by elementary school students has gone viral
Every child in the student age, can not avoid to let the parents in the paper face to face signature, but in the face of a simple signature, it is a few people happy a few people worry.

If it is a high score of the children, it is very easy for the parents to sign, because their scores are not only not criticized by their parents, but also may be praised and encouraged by their parents.

But for students with poor grades, parents’ signature becomes a “nightmare” existence, so some children imitate it in order to avoid being scolded.

In fact, the teacher let the parents sign this link, is an important link of the interaction between home and school, many teachers can also see the parents of their children’s education degree of attentively.

The “parents’ signature” on the roll of paper of primary school students went viral, and the teacher gave them full marks for their attentivity

Most people are under the impression that test scores determine parents’ attitude towards their children to some extent. However, not all students whose grades slip are blamed by their parents.

For example, a primary school student surnamed Meng’s “parents’ signature” on a roll of paper has become popular online, and Meng’s father has set an example for everyone.

Meng, who always has a good academic record, did not score well in the Chinese test this time. When he was asked to sign with his parents, Meng’s father was somewhat disappointed after seeing his score.

After careful thinking, Meng dad in addition to the roll of paper signed his name, but also wrote a statement like this: “from the roll of paper, the child on the antonym, words and other use of grasp is not solid enough, before the next exam should strengthen the connection in this respect, to consolidate the knowledge learned.

Such a special “parents signed”, not only was the teacher in the office to circulate praise, but also the degree of attentiveness by many teachers played full marks, many people in the office said: “there are such parents, take blame for the child’s good grades!”

However, while teachers praised the “parental signatures”, Internet users had their own opinions.

Netizens were divided over the parent’s actions

Some netizens believe that such a signature reflects the attitude of parents to care for their children, and it is also intuitive for teachers to see that parents attach great importance to their children’s education and pay great attention to the teachers.

In particular, the analysis of the pros and cons of the signature, can better let children understand their own shortcomings, which also fully shows the care and love of parents for their children, and parents only enough to care about their children, can let the child’s grades to a higher level.

Can be accompanied by the voice of approval, there are many parents said not to agree.

They generally think that this kind of signature is too time-consuming and that the teacher can complete the analysis of pros and cons. What’s more, if you have any problems, you can communicate with the teacher directly. The signature on the test paper is unnecessary.

In fact, the teacher let parents sign, itself is to hope that parents understand the child’s results.

The teacher let the parents sign, in the eyes of many students is not necessary, but the teacher’s practice has its own reason.

The meaning of the signature itself is in fact to hope that parents can have an understanding of their children’s results, so that they can help students check the gaps and find the direction of guidance at this stage.

The "signature" on a roll of paper by elementary school students has gone viral
This means that parents only carefully look at the child’s performance, analysis of the reasons for the child’s performance, can better help the child’s performance to the next level.

Parents’ intentions will also help their children grow up

If parents can be as attentive as Meng’s father in the above article, it will become a power for children’s growth, which can let them know more about the shortcomings and shortcomings of learning in the analysis, so as to help them further correct themselves.

In addition, parents can also help their children understand what they are most talented at, so as to develop their own interests and hobbies, and make their children more confident in their studies.