Accompany your child to take the national and provincial exams

Accompany your child to take the national and provincial exams

Accompany your child to take the national and provincial exams
Sister Tan who accompanies her son to take the exam

The March sky is now cloudy and now clear.

In the last month of spring, the little yellow flowers on the mango trees are fine and grand, and the rain can last several days before a clear day comes.

People to middle age, certain emotions will only ferment in the midnight of spring, and all the care, pain, sorrow and joy, entanglement, in addition to the pillow people give, more still have children to give.

Three years ago, after her son graduated from graduate school, he was determined to enter the civil service.

Thus, the son sent resume everywhere, around the war to participate in the national examination of various provinces and cities, province examination, each time through the written test, but the interview is always brushed down, such an examination is three years.

This spring, a few days later, my son will go to a city in the north for an interview. Sister Tan can not rest assured, decided to accompany his son to go.

The son said to Sister Tan don’t worry about tension, he can deal with himself.

However, Sister Tan still insisted on going with her son, said that when and his son went to travel.

In private, Sister Tan told us that in the past two years, every time her son participated in the national and provincial examinations, as long as he passed the written examination, she always tried to accompany him to the interview, hoping that his son could pass the interview smoothly and realize his dream of becoming a civil servant.

Sister Tan said that the experience of participating in the national and provincial examinations with her son was really tiring. The training center, the written examination and interview, the physical examination, the political examination and so on, not only her son was tired, but also her mental pressure was very great. However, seeing her son so persistent, she did not dare to talk more and more. She always carefully considered her son’s feelings, worried about giving him more pressure and making him lose confidence.

2 The daughter who finally landed

On the way of persistently participating in national and provincial examinations, my friend Lin Fang also experienced it.

Three years ago, Lin Fang’s daughter is also persistent in the national examination, provincial examination of the career preparation of the road.

At first, every time her daughter went to take the exam, Lin Fang was in the same mood as Sister Tan. She did not dare to say more about her daughter. She could only cheer her up and show her great expectations for her daughter.

But, have a daughter came back from the foreign reference, result, Lin fang and her husband asked her daughter, my daughter can’t said suddenly cried while estimates, that moment Lin Fangcai realized that usually cheer to his daughter in virtually also gave his daughter a lot of pressure, since the daughter to choose this road, daughter and no social experience, then she and her husband should have been more and more calm, not only are more powerful than her daughter’s heart, and daughter, more communication, both have to encourage and to maintain a common heart to her daughter spirit support, tell her waiting time is very suffering but it doesn’t matter. If you can’t take the exam, consider other jobs and ways. You don’t have to knock on the way to the national exam.

Later, the daughter also gradually relax, province entrance examination into the big round, after the small round, finally through the interview, finally ashore.

Accompany your child to take the national and provincial exams
3 Regret Uncle Chen

Uncle Chen’s son, that year was from Guangdong to Inner Mongolia, and later in Inner Mongolia somewhere to settle down, two or three years only to return once. The son also wanted to take Uncle Chen and his wife there, but Uncle Chen and his wife were not used to the life in the north, so they went to Inner Mongolia to live for a month and came back.

In the first few years, Uncle Chen and his wife were in good health when they were not old. In these two years, Uncle Chen and his wife were hospitalized one after another. Because their son was too far away, it would cost a lot to come back, so Uncle Chen and his wife kept the secret from their son.

Uncle Chen said that his son character is more introverted, in other places contacts are very general career development is very general, his and his wife’s body and increasingly weak, very regret the support of his son in order to prepare the test to so far away.

4 less crowded single-plank bridge, is the most critical

Actually, I think all the time, after children come of age, on the road that chooses profession, obtain employment, attend different place public to take an examination of cost performance is lowest to compile everywhere, cross province, north and south to take an examination of ground of horizontal jump back and forth especially.

Can not take an exam, every year, everywhere, a good youth is spent in the exam everywhere, to their own pressure not to say, parents also worry about.

Passed the exam, finally landed, but admitted to the nearby is good to say, after the exam to Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang these provinces, the only child you are realized to have the dream of the system, but the parents old age may follow together?

Of course, many young people and parents, generally have this idea, that is to enter the private enterprise work, it is good to say when young, older and older, the work and use of the value will be less and less, so can at a young age test public at a young age to strive for, the national examination province examination is the best way out for the children.

However, when the majority of young people want to participate in the national examination, provincial examination of the establishment of a career, it is a social morbid performance.

Not only such, long distance test, cross provincial exams is one kind of opportunism, or to remote provinces, small city cause of the small town, and complain of exile, life is too hard, and want to go to the move, so, I believe that a lot of unit of choose and employ persons will understand the examinee’s mental state, not only QiaJianEr if admitted to the first three places, most will be willing to leave the job with the local more suitable candidates, in a word: the written examination, provincial exams is really fair, but the interview learning mostly!

On the road of the child’s employment, the concern and expectation of the parents are not the best help, let the child have the courage to face the employment of various road choices, combined with their own social experience and the child analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of personality in the employment road, try to learn some professional skills, less crowded bridge, is the most critical.

5. Your desired comfort zone

Life, really is not the only countries to take an examination of provincial exams this road, and if the child is too persistent, parents really necessary give, some children are so young, in the future decades is full of infinite possibility of variables, especially the last two years, most countries take an examination of provincial exams to fresh graduates, it is not necessary to screwing on provincial exams this way, let the children put their own road more walk more narrow, can’t enter the desired life comfort zone.

And all our efforts and efforts in work and life are for entering the comfort circle we want in the future, where we can get familiar with the contacts, the comfortable environment, and do what we are good at and like to do.

Efforted, fought for, or failed to pass, then change the road to go to a private enterprise, or open their own shop, or back to the countryside to raise pigs and plant trees, in short, as long as self-reliance, perhaps can more easily face the social pressure, faster to reach the comfort circle you want.