Composition scores, directly affect the fate of children

Composition scores, directly affect the fate of children

Composition scores, directly affect the fate of children
There is a word circulating in the education circle: “the language of the world, the composition of the language”, composition accounted for half of the language test, but why the child just entered the third grade, will not write a composition? Academic performance has therefore fallen off a cliff.

Many parents reflect, since the children on the third grade, writing a composition has become a headache problem for the whole family, whenever writing a composition, the children are frowning, scratching their heads, pondering for a long time also can not write two lines of words, and finally even need parents to write word by word, what is going on? Why is it so hard to write an essay?

In the second and third grades, the writing content suddenly became more difficult, and before that, many students did not have systematic writing training. So for the third grade children, can not write a composition is very normal.

However, many students to the fourth and fifth grade writing is still difficult, it is not normal, for the fourth and fifth grade children, writing is not good because in the third grade just began to contact writing did not lay a good foundation, so writing into a “vicious circle”, the more do not want to write, the more do not want to write.

In real life, writing a composition has become a nightmare that many students are afraid of and cannot escape, especially in the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination. The level of composition scores directly affects the fate of children and makes people have to pay attention to it.

Composition scores, directly affect the fate of children
01 There are several reasons why children find it difficult to write compositions:

1. Lack of material

As the saying goes “make bricks without straw”, many children face composition, encountered the first problem is not know what to write, said the popular point is the lack of children in the brain of the pot of “rice”.

But Rome was not built in a day, the rich content of the material library must be accumulated over a long period of time, there are many ways to accumulate material, such as go out to play, watching TV, listening to the radio, reading a book, in these methods reading is recognized as a good way to accumulate writing material.

2. Less output

Students’ language lesson or extracurricular reading, at ordinary times are generally based on the analysis, reading, recitation, learning what emotions expressed in the text, shows what kind of artistic conception, or express what the central idea, a large number of input and lack of corresponding to the number of output, will lead to students can’t use their own language and thinking to master the knowledge of writing. Writing is a skill, and a lack of output training will not work.

3. Lack of interest

Some children are not afraid to write a composition, but parents in the guidance of composition is always a strong say, write a composition how hard, his writing is also very difficult to similar words, resulting in children have not written a composition, on the composition of the heart afraid.

As the saying goes “interest is the best teacher”, if the child is interested in writing a composition, then he will take the initiative to study, practice, over time will inevitably write well, on the contrary, will write a bad composition.

4. Lack of writing skills

Many students reflect that their articles are “dry”, “language is not beautiful”, “plot is not attractive”… Not because they read fewer books, but because they don’t have the right way to write, and there are hundreds of ways to write.

For example, a simple narrative can be divided into first-person narrative, third-person narrative, sequential narration, flashback narration, interludes narration, supplementary narration, sub-narration, detailed narration, brief narration… Without writing skills, it is impossible to write a good composition.

How can writing be made easier?

If you want to write a good essay, you need to learn from the learning methods of top students, especially those who got full marks for the essay “excellent students”. Sun Jingyan, an “excellent student” who got 148 points in Chinese in the college entrance examination, gave her “six-character advice” on how to write a good composition.

1. Read more

Du Fu has a poem saying: “Reading through thousands of volumes, writing like a god.”

In front of us said, reading is the best way to accumulate material, read more books, the brain of the “meters” will be more, writing will not worry about what to write.

According to the survey, most outstanding students have good reading habits, classics, mythology, encyclopedia, history, current affairs, nature… Do not limit the subject, do not limit the field, as long as the children like to read, every day is a few minutes, a few hours long, as long as we persist, you can build a huge and rich material library over time.

2, more imitation

Franklin, a famous American writer, once said that he was learning to write only by imitation. Writing begins with parody, and those who write well are good at parody.

But imitation is not “handling copy”, but will good articles read carefully to digestion and absorption, and then from the title, subject, writing, writing structure, write their own articles, but it is worth noting: copy writing is not the ultimate goal of writing, copy writing the final purpose is to learn from other people writing methods, and then to apply them.

3, write more

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”, any skill skill, all need to repeat practice, writing is also a skill, of course, also need to practice.

Some students just saw the composition title can bite the head of the pen to think for a long time, reluctant to write, afraid of their own writing is not good, the result is not to write more write less, more write less afraid to write, in fact, as long as you feel at ease and boldly write more and more practice, you will find that writing is not so difficult.