The children are studious and sensible

Why live so tired, happiness is a little bad?

I would say that there is no student who is born with a high gpa but is more driven and eager to win than others.

The children are studious and sensible

Good children do not grow up easily

One of my best friends grew up in Taipei and graduated from Harvard University with a master’s degree.

When she was a child, she had to attend 8 extra-curricular classes (more than 20 classes in total) every week. She had to go to “rush to the fair” one by one after school and on weekends. She played piano, studied English, wrote calligraphy, painted music, conducted music theory, abacus calculation, mental calculation…Sometimes even lunch can be a make-do meal, a five-minute sandwich.

When she arrived at Harvard, she found that her classmates, whether from the United States, Japan or Europe, grew up with the same experience: there were always cram schools…

Haha, speaking of American high school students, they don’t have a long school day, but they have to study like crazy if they want to get into a ivy League school.After school, it is the norm to go to cram school or the library and study late into the night.

For example, students at Whitney High School, no. 1 in California and no. 33 in the United States, get only four hours of sleep and four cups of coffee a day in order to get the highest GPA, so that they can study with energy.

What’s more, in addition to their in-class study, they also participate in many club activities, which are valued more highly by the more prestigious universities.

There is no equal sign, anywhere in the world, between ease and a good university and the pursuit of higher purpose.

Some people may say, why live so tired, happy a little bit bad?

That depends on what kind of happiness you want your child to pursue.

There are many kinds of happiness, indulgence, laziness, entertainment, recreation can obtain happiness, but such happiness is short and empty;

For their own goals and dreams to work hard, pay, adhere to the final harvest of happiness is lasting, rich, full of passion.

For example, when a child is playing a game, he will have that kind of “flow experience”, but this kind of flow experience is not only achieved by playing games.

Let the child realize that there are many things in life that are far more violent and exciting than playing games, such as sports, such as art, such as learning a new skill, learning a new thing, will have such flow experience, and moreover, will obtain a higher level of psychological enjoyment.

When ballet girl Kayla scored high in the most difficult basic psychology course, and showed herself on the stage of the international ballet competition;

Ski girl Gu Ailing won the gold medal, for their own dream of Stanford time;

They are all happy, very happy!

I want to say, let the children in a period of continuous learning, know how to insist, endure loneliness, and, after some progress, growth or breakthrough, feel the real happiness, this can inspire their real drive.

Goals are eternal boosters.

When a child has a strong desire to do something, the world will make way for him!

And those who have eaten the bitter, tired, bear the pressure, endure the loneliness, in the future days, will only become the child’s life experience and story.

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  1. Those who suffer loneliness, in the days to come, will only become children’s life experiences and stories.Thank you for sharing.

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