"Most regret" the renaming of 211 universities

“Most regret” the renaming of 211 universities

"Most regret" the renaming of 211 universities
In the process of development, colleges and universities have generally changed their names in order to conform to the trend of the society. Some universities have changed their names more than once, but have gone through several times of changing their names. Finally, many of the names of today’s universities and colleges have been established.

University name generally there are two reasons, one is to keep up with the trend of the society and the situation, the second is to promote school’s reputation and recognition, some universities by name really reached the purpose, some university is on the contrary, not only did not have the desired effect, finally also self-defeating, let itself is a famous university, eventually becoming a few people mention ordinary university.

At first, it was very famous in China, and even known to everyone. From the name of the university, it seems to be high-end, grand and classy. Now, after the name was changed, it sounds like a junior college, and is even misunderstood by many people as a pheasant university.

Donghua university, the university is now, trace the forerunner, the earliest can be traced back to zhang founded nantong textile dyeing ChuanXiSuo, late in the process of development, has experienced many times of change name, however, basic all names and spinning and weaving, school’s reputation has been is not very big, until 1985, the school changed its name to China textile university, the university began to appear in public view, become the domestic famous universities, fame is also a huge boost and become the power and reputation hold concurrently by a good university.

In later development, raised one domestic colleges and universities merger boom, many colleges and universities in order to develop their own, began to merge to strengthen themselves, some university merger is the most efficient way, China textile university is one of the merger boom, China textile university merged universities, and finally made a name, the name was changed to donghua university, renamed itself the starting point is for the better development of the school, however, ideal to reality, however, after the name not only benefit the university, instead, is to let the university reputation plummeted, names are not sound like first-class university, This renaming has been called the worst renaming failure, let the school is regretful.

However, although the school’s name is failed, however, this does not affect the university’s super strength, donghua university development still is to keep the development direction of the original, the school strength of textile science and engineering discipline is strongest, in domestic colleges and universities is the existence of giant, now this university is a comprehensive development, various aspects strength is more outstanding, in the industry of word of mouth is good, only the school isn’t very popular at the university of recognition, power still received the social recognition, completely accords with the power of a good college.

"Most regret" the renaming of 211 universities
Now the school is the university’s shortcomings, however, believe that this is not a problem, as long as schools increase the propaganda at school, the name of the university will be at home, strength is strong, as long as the university will lambe, donghua university may also need to savings, so you can be doing in one day, the school can only influence at that time, I will not be affected, and exiguous donghua university is located in the Shanghai economic magic, will stand in the stage of world class university, looking forward to this university in the future can have a better development, become the eyes of ace university, at the same time, The name of the university is also more recognized.

After the university changed its name to be cautious, careful self-defeating, donghua university, is a living example, bear in mind that don’t repeat it, and now the university name also have relevant regulation, is not allow to change, to treat this kind of school things carefully, name still has great influence on the development of school failure, after all, changed its name to school better development, if you don’t have the effect that is not good.