Persuade visiting force to protect one can not be less

Educate people with history, pass the “baton” well

Persuade visiting force to protect one can not be less
Shanghai has a very rich red culture and tourism resources, the development and evolution of Shanghai city spirit are closely related to the party’s red history and revolutionary deposits. Guarding this piece of red resources treasure house, the youth in red education how to “eat enough”. This is the concern of Wu Hao, a member of the Shanghai People’s Political Consultative Conference and the party secretary of the city’s youth activity center, in an article on public opinion in early February.

Last August 3 solstice 22, pku by bi li bi li, the Himalayas, boring headlines, read the article, and group network literature such as the teenagers fall in love with network platform, data investigation and questionnaire investigation, panel interview way to understand the city youth expectations in the learning of history of the communist party of China and the suggestion, the sample more than 7000 copies. The survey found that more than half of the teenagers felt that the systematic study of Party history education and red education was not enough. In Wu Hao’s opinion, the education of Party history should not only let the young people look for the red resources, but also let the red resources actively find the young people.

In the recent Shanghai Party history learning and education mobilization meeting, municipal Party committee secretary Li Qiang pointed out that we should promote learning and education to be specific and precise, pay attention to youth learning and education, encourage grassroots exploration and innovation, and create a learning and education brand. Wu advice can be led by party and government departments, integration of historical data, lectures, plays, such as the red culture propaganda resources, r&d teenagers are easy to understand the history of the party education curriculum packages, each course packages can be a red story or characters as the main line, group related red venues, red story, red spirit point into a line, the school of theoretical study, venue of the scene, combining teaching and students’ activities immersion depth increase systemic and experience.

Mention party history education, many people first think of is “Gao Leng”. But around us, through innovative forms, many teenagers feel that the history of the Party can also be very “close”. Xu Jiangang, executive vice president of the Party School of the CPC Shanghai Committee, said that there are many precious red relics and relics in Shanghai. To make good use of these relics and relics, we must connect the dots, events and people to narrow the distance with visitors, especially young people, so as to truly inherit the red spirit.

Last year on the eve of the August 1st Army Day, the Longhua Martyrs Cemetery using AR technology development scene entry games – “Longtan hero” online, by many young people’s attention. The game will be Longhua Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial into a three-dimensional sand table model, and add historical figures, historical events in the game scene. With the help of interactive AR technology, the youth group can feel the unyielding struggle between the underground Communist Party members and the enemies of the prison in the form of “doing tasks”, and experience the revolutionary feelings of the martyrs. Last year, the Four Monuments of the Communist Party of China released a “Q” version of the design of a blind box based on the sculpture of the “Workers’ and Peasants’ Alliance” in the museum, allowing young people to win the box by participating in a contest on Party history knowledge.

Teenagers can become a narrator in party history study, as a big site of the memorial of the communist party of China since 2019 and the Shanghai youth activity center jointly plan to launch “words a: 00 after the founding of the story” research of primary and middle school students learning activities, let the “little boy” with young children about their learning to the founding of the story. Youth activity center in Shanghai and in the last year the original multimedia immersion red theme read the children’s loud, let teenagers teenagers, teenagers teach teenagers, through into their thinking and patriotic emotion, feeling difficult course, great changes and achievements in one hundred, the gene inheritance develop red moved feeling.

Persuade visiting force to protect one can not be less
A still photo of the red-themed recital play “The Voice of Children”

The century-old red gene of Shanghai has fused the spirit of the city. The future development of Shanghai cannot be separated from the inheritance of the red gene and the promotion of the spirit of the city by the majority of young people. Innovation party history education, strengthen the ideological and political job leads, as an important task in the present, especially among teenagers, more needs to be able to in the form of their happy, constantly activate the kinetic energy of the youth, living history story, the use of red resources, enliven the education forms, vivid to carry out the party history study education, let more youth Gospel “baton” of Shanghai red gene.