The test is not as good as the choice of good!

The test is not as good as the choice of good!

The test is not as good as the choice of good!
Yesterday there was a high school parents to consult the selection of questions, in the end how to choose to play their own advantages and high-tech students to enter for the volunteer advantage? Because the last two years college recruit students limits on professional choice test, how much influence the child’s determination to pursue advantage and interest have to move to lower the head to cater to various restrictions, do reasonable from the pit, to choose has no fixed pattern, fit and to maximize the advantages is the best, today come and discuss with parents discipline problems:

Assess child type

Everyone from the side of the case, an examination into the same high school, college entrance examination is a big gap, is considered to be an individual student’s counter attack, actually neglected the tests with the entrance examination of the difference, especially after predominantly mid-term exam achievement mode, universal Eva occupy a certain advantage, but the university entrance exam to maximize expertise, some students will give full play to the advantages of disciplines, the gap between instantly be amplified. So before the selection of children to a reasonable positioning, is to belong to the versatile, partial or partial text type.

Combined form of subject selection

In the new Zhejiang College Entrance Examination, 3 subjects are selected out of 7 subjects, and a total of 35 subjects are selected in the combination mode, as shown in the table below:

The basic principle of subject selection is to maximize the subject advantage and score based on the premise of professional interest


For the versatile type, it does not necessarily mean that all subjects are good, but it just means that there is no partial type of students. If your child belongs to this type, it is recommended to follow the following points:

1. Choose the subject the child is most interested in;

2. Choose the subject that is limited by the major you like in the future;

3, try to choose physics, and then collocation 1, 2 points of discipline;

The reason is very simple. From the admission situation of Zhejiang College Entrance Examination in recent years, the candidates who choose physics to apply for the college entrance examination have more choices. Now, on the admission line, the schools of the same level are significantly lower than the candidates who choose literature, which is directly related to the number of majors covered by the chosen subjects. The following is the proportion of majors corresponding to the official statistics. At a glance, the following 3 combinations are the most suitable for all-round students:

1, / / life is pure science, professional coverage of 96.22%, also explains the university to the school of science living that is pretty friendly, materialized has been dubbed the science students with excellent grades will choose subject, is difficult for most of the students, because it’s the object of performance is excellent students, there are some problem actually such contrast, because of students with excellent grades competition performance is also excellent students, she had what relation with you, on the contrary in the same way, what are you doing at Eva go with somebody else students with excellent grades than, is not a competition, moreover the supposed the height only with rankings, has nothing to do with the absolute value of your original points;

2, physics/chemistry/history is versatile combination, liberal arts and science, professional coverage up to 98.45%, is a combination of outstanding students in both civil and martial arts, do not need to say more, a word of bull! Not excellent students can also choose, of course, there is nothing to be afraid of, your outstanding students staring at China five, puwa zhejiang university of technology can always think about it, your outstanding students will not come to grab zhejiang university of technology, the truth is that.

3, the combination of material (history) + interest subjects

Partial reason type

Because of the school of science living professional choice is very big, so compared with partial text type, do not need too entanglements, don’t suggest that combination of liberal arts professional mode sacrifices points to increase the coverage, sometimes really is not worth the cost, like some teacher write online is the best combination of “2 + 1”, I, would suggest giving full play to the advantages of discipline, score priority combination for the best, what’s wrong with pure science? Common deviation type combination of professional coverage:

The test is not as good as the choice of good!

Pure science

1. Material/chemical/land combination, professional coverage of 95.84%;

2. Material/chemical/technology combination, professional coverage of 95%;

Liberal arts collocation

1. Material/chemical/political combination, professional coverage of 96.58%;

2. Physical/biological/political combination, with a professional coverage rate of 87.66%;

3. Property/production/land combination, professional coverage rate of 87.61%;

3. Chemical/student/history combination, professional coverage rate 50.25%;

Partial type,

Both liberal arts branch period and the current new mode, the college entrance examination liberal arts majors for professional choice is small, and the competition is fierce, tend to have high empty the embarrassment of xi an, so partial of the examinee to test a good university, that must get high marks, so suggest pure article examinee, with maximum points for the principle of combination, can, of course, history can be covered when enter oneself for an examination professional more choice, if there is a science is not dragging also consider 2 + of combination, and increases opportunities, from professional coverage of recommended combination in which of the following five priorities:

1. History/politics/chemistry combination, professional coverage of 51.92% :

2. History/geography/chemistry combination, professional coverage rate 50.71%;

3. History/politics/student combination, professional coverage rate 50.50%;

4. History/land/material combination, professional coverage of 49.86%;

5. The combination of politics/history/geography covers 49.34% of majors;

The above only represents personal opinions, can be a reference, the selection of subjects is indeed a very complex project, parents should understand the target school of each major admission, especially the limited report of the major, followed by clear children’s advantage disciplines, professional interest, and so on, only to do well, can do the best choice.