Headmaster town medium blood, weight high rate 30% +

Headmaster town medium blood, weight high rate 30% +

Headmaster town medium blood, weight high rate 30% +
The Affiliated School of Ningbo University was founded in January 2016. It is a public school with high starting point, high standard and high quality, which is jointly established by Ningbo University and the People’s Government of Jiangbei District.

School Scale:

The scale of the first phase of the project is 60 classes, and the second phase of the project is 48 classes.

School Philosophy:

The core idea of the school is to be a happy student. The e school will strive to make the school a paradise and a happy place for children to grow up by means of international education and college education.

Training Objectives:

School will adhere to people with Daniel, cultivate with language communication, foreign language communication, maths, basic technology and information processing ability, learning ability, cross cultural and social interpersonal skills, and civic literacy and entrepreneurial spirit of the eight core literacy of students, efforts to foster a batch of talents with international vision, characterized by the integration of liberal arts.

The incumbent President

Yu Yong, principal of Xingning Middle School

Yu Yong, male, born in October 1974, senior middle school teacher, provincial “Spring Silkworm Award” winner. From 2001 to July 2016, I worked in Ningbo Zhenhai Middle School, successively serving as Deputy Director, Director and Principal Assistant (in charge of the school’s moral education work). He has won the first prize of Ningbo Quality Class Competition, the first prize of Ningbo New Talent, the famous teacher of Zhenhai District, and the May 1st Labor Medal of Ningbo City. Now he is the vice dean of the School of Teacher Education of Ningbo University, the part-time professor of Ningbo University, the master tutor of teacher education of Ningbo University, and the master tutor of the School of Tourism and Culture of Ningbo University.

Teaching mode

Hierarchical teaching model

Mid-term exam achievement

In the 2020 high school entrance examination, 1 person from Zhenhai middle school, 7 people from the strong foundation plan, 21 people in the targeted quota, the first echelon heavy high rate 13%, heavy high rate 32.3%, general high rate 85.5%;

Strong base advance batch

In the 2021 Qiangji advance examination, 5 people were shortlisted, including 2 from Xiaoshi East and 3 from Ningbo Middle School;