How do you say "three heads and six arms" in Japanese?

How do you say “three heads and six arms” in Japanese?

How do you say "three heads and six arms" in Japanese?
Do you know how to say “three heads and six arms” in Japanese? Let’s learn!

1. The three sides of six arm (さ ん め ん ろ っ ぴ)

A: One person does the work of several people. Superhuman.

Use cases:

Low three six arm さ ん め ん ろ っ ぴ と ま で said い わ な い か ら, せ め て allotted じ ぶ ん の points ぶ ん の shi matter し ご と は eventually お わ ら せ ら れ る よ う Mr つ と め て ほ し い.

I don’t want you to do the work of a few people, but at least I want you to be able to finish your work.

2. Really mess (し ゅ う し ょ う ろ う ば い)

A: I’m in a panic.

Use cases:

Low taxes off だ つ ぜ い が 発 覚 は っ か く さ れ て, さ す が あ の famous ゆ う め い な since industry family き ぎ ょ う か も really mess し ゅ う し ょ う ろ う ば い し た.

When tax evasion was discovered, even the famous entrepreneur panicked.

3. Large needle stick (し ん し ょ う ぼ う だ い)

A: To exaggerate. To exaggerate something very small.

Use cases:

Low child for こ ど も の recollected こ ろ か ら needle stick large し ん し ょ う ぼ う だ い で tu beat と っ ぴ ょ う し も な い こ と ば か り grandiloquence ご う ご し て い た friends ゆ う じ ん が, ま さ か adult お と な に な っ て politicians せ い じ か と し て successful せ い こ う す る と は who だ れ も to think よ そ う で き な か っ た.

When I was young, my friends always exaggerate and say things that are out of touch with reality. No one expected to grow up and become a successful politician.

4. The flowers on the morning of the moon and the (か し ん げ っ せ き)

A: It refers to the short happy hours in spring mornings and autumn evenings, and generally to the good hours in the morning and evening. Blossoms: The morning of February 15th in the old calendar. Yuexi: The night when the moon rises on the 15th day of the eighth month of the old calendar.

Use cases:

When summer な つ は heat あ つ さ に exhausted つ か れ て し ま う け れ ど, flowers on the morning of the moon and the か し ん げ っ せ き を joy た の し み な が ら cool す ず む の は joy た の し み の a ひ と つ だ.

Although the hot summer makes people tired, it is also a pleasure to enjoy the ashanasi moon while enjoying the cool.

5. Heart to heart 伝 (い し ん で ん し ん)

A: with the heart, the heart, the Zen middle finger can not use words to express the essence of the Buddha passed to the disciples in silence, and then extended to the heart without words can also be communicated, the heart, the heart.

Use cases:

Low family か ぞ く の heart with し ん ぱ い は 伝 heart to heart い し ん で ん し ん で わ か っ た.

I don’t need to put my family’s concerns into words.

How do you say "three heads and six arms" in Japanese?
6. The air decomposition (く う ち ゅ う ぶ ん か い)

Best explanation: aerial disintegration; Halfway, originally refers to the aircraft and other aircraft in flight due to accidents or defects in the air damage disintegration, extended to the plan, such as the collapse of the team, such as the dissolution of midway.

Use cases:

Low today い ま ま で と violations ち が う full ま っ た く new あ た ら し い と attention ち ゅ う も く さ れ た enterprises draw き か く だ っ た が, air decomposition く う ち ゅ う ぶ ん か い し て し ま い そ う だ.

It’s a different, new, eye-catching plan, but it seems to be falling by the wayside.