The children are studious and sensible

She was glad she had a chance to show up.

During the race, Kayla enjoys it so much that when she finishes a series of moves, she feels proud of herself.

The children are studious and sensible

Kayla says that even if she’s being average, she’s glad she’s getting a chance to show up.

‘The hardest thing about dancing is that you can’t be perfect all the time,’ she says. ‘Even though almost every dancer is a perfectionist, you just have to keep trying to be perfect.’

That’s right!In my opinion, this is the power of driving force, no parents or teachers need to push forward, children themselves will always face all difficulties and challenges with optimism, and actively strive to do their best.

By the way, when Kayla walked off the stage after the game, the first thing she thought was, “I’m going to start doing my homework.

Never give yourself an excuse to be lazy, never give yourself an option not to work hard, this is the core of Kayla’s excellence.

Kayla’s hard work and discipline reminded me of another girl, Gu Ailing.

Earlier this year, Gu had just won two gold MEDALS for China in world-class skiing competitions.

In fact, she only spends two days a week training.In other time, I also study hard like my peers, and I am an excellent student with no problem. The high school in the United States is equivalent to the high school attached to Renmin University of China in Beijing.

Gu completed two years of high school courses in one year to prepare for the 2022 Olympic Games, breaking school records.

After winning the competition, what she wanted to do most was not to celebrate but to go home and do her homework.She’s a champion and a top student, and one of her goals is to get into Stanford Without being a skier.

In addition to skiing, Guailing tennis, cycling, rock climbing, snorkeling, running, playing basketball are all good;From elementary school piano and ballet;Very literary, but also serialized novels.She is a girl full of energy.

Everyone’s energy is limited, but energy is infinite. As long as we have goals and motivation to do something, we can resolve any difficulties in front of us with optimism.

I would say that there is no student who is born with a high gpa but is more driven and eager to win than others.

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