Tianjin female teacher scolds students

apologize? Tianjin female teacher scolds students

Teacher Xiao Caihong of Tianjin Xianshuigu No. 2 Middle School’s teaching reprimanding students in the classroom was posted on the Internet. As a teacher, what he said was really inappropriate, which made people sound strongly discriminatory.

Tianjin female teacher scolds students
She said: “The parents of the students in my class are officials or wealthy businessmen. And you are common people, the thieves are ignorant, and the thieves have no tutors! How much money does your mother make a month? Don’t blame me for despising you. XXX’s mother You earn more money in one year than your mother has earned in 50 years! Can your qualities be the same? It can’t be the same!”

What kind of purpose does she want to achieve? I want students to understand that their parents’ status is low, their income is low, their education level is not high, they don’t pay enough attention to their children’s education, and their personal accomplishments are not high. That’s why their children’s academic performance is not satisfactory and their performances are not good ? In other words, the quality of children from poor families is generally poor.

After that, the female teacher was revoked the teacher qualification certificate, and she also apologized, but her apology seemed to focus on the rich and poor speech. Talk about social class issues. This incident reminds all in-service teachers not to overspeak radical language in class, especially when criticizing students, pay attention to words and deeds.

But why do many people support her? Part of what the teacher said was the truth, but he couldn’t say it regardless of the occasion and the target. Some of it absolutely couldn’t be said, let alone discriminated against students. Some of the phenomena mentioned exist in the society, and it reminds us that there are not only two levels of differentiation in the economy, but also differentiation in status, culture, and occupation. Objectively speaking, the people’s congresses of administrative institutions are all highly educated, and the nature of their work is related to culture. Relatively busy work and fatigue are easier than those of other professions in society, their work and social security are stable, and their economic conditions are generally better than others. The professional staff is good, and there are conditions for investment in comprehensive quality education for children’s counseling.

The so-called low quality that Teacher Xiao told students in class I personally think that most people understand it wrong, but the real meaning is the family economic foundation. That is to say, people with good family conditions are still studying hard, not to mention your family with poor economic foundation, you should study harder, many people misunderstood Xiao’s expression.

Teacher Xiao’s remarks were too radical, but what he said has fully demonstrated that the social class has gradually solidified, but solidification is not monolithic, and there is still a chance. It’s like a family’s annual income is 50 times that of the student’s parent. They are still studying hard, but as a child of a low-income parent, you should not go to class and listen hard to change the face of poverty in your family, so I woke up and shouted. Wake up the student, listen to the class, student, and change the destiny of poverty in the future.

The teacher’s original intention was to ask students to listen to the class, which is a harsh metaphor. For some things, proper stimulation is still necessary, otherwise it will not cause the students’ self-esteem to wake up. The terrible mud can’t support the wall, and the rotten wood can’t be carved.