The seven most popular majors for graduate students in the United States

Choosing a good major is very important to your future career development. There is no doubt about this. Which majors have good prospects? In addition to looking at the popularity of applications, the number of academic qualifications issued is also a data worthy of reference.

Top 7 most popular master's programs has found the most popular master and doctoral degrees based on the number of degrees awarded by the National Center for Education Statistics NCES. If you have not determined the choice of school and major, you can refer to:

Top 7 most popular master’s programs

The rankings from high to low are: we mainly introduce the first three

1. Marketing and Advertising

2. Business Administration

3. Engineering

4. Social work

5. Education

6. Accounting

7. Educational leadership

1. Marketing and Advertising

Top 7 most popular master's programs

Normally, the two master’s degrees belong to the same category. The Master’s in Advertising and Marketing is usually based on basic concepts about consumer behavior to equip students with the ability to master modern skills in digital and traditional promotions. Some marketing and advertising master’s programs combine market research and business courses with marketing theory to help shape students’ ability to make management decisions in areas such as creative design and customer management.

The length of full-time master’s courses in advertising and marketing is generally about 12-36 months, and most courses require students to complete 30 to 36 credits of study time to obtain a degree.

The MSc in Marketing usually highlights areas such as design, creation, research, and data mining. The idea is to align the idea, product or service with the target audience.

The Master’s program in Advertising and Public Relations is the whole process involved in presenting ideas, products or services to any audience, that is, “transmitting information.” Course work can focus on advertising campaigns, brand communication, strategy and consumer groups.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary of advertising and promotion managers is $132,620. It is expected that from 2018 to 2028, the number of hires of advertising, promotion and marketing managers will increase by 8%.

2. Business Administration

MBA courses involve accounting, finance, operations, human resources, marketing and other fields. Full-time MBA courses generally last for two years. The core courses generally include the following:

Financial accounting

Business statistics

Management foundation

Business law

Management marketing

Human Resources

Operation Management

According to statistics, the average salary levels of people with an MBA degree are as follows:

Let’s take the market manager with the highest average salary level as an example. The cities with high employment salary include Santa Clara, Boulder, New York, etc., up to $170,000+.

3. Engineering

The engineering master’s program generally provides two degrees of engineering master (MEng) and engineering master of science (MS) for students to choose. If students who have obtained a master’s degree pass the PE certification (professional engineer certification) in the future, it will be more conducive to employment and There will be more options for development.

Generally speaking, the duration of the Master of Engineering program is 2 years. Some schools offer undergraduate and master degree programs, and you can get bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 5 years.

As a professional degree, there are many subdivided majors under engineering projects. According to NCES statistics, the most popular professional courses are the following 4 types:

Chemical engineering: applying the principles of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and engineering to chemical processes (fuels, food, drugs).

Civil engineering: design and construction of infrastructure, bridges, roads, water supply systems and other public or private projects.

Electrical Engineering: Design and research of electrical and electronic systems and technologies, including computer systems and telecommunications.

Mechanical engineering: research, design, development and manufacturing of mechanical systems from airplanes to thermal sensors.

Others include aerospace engineering, environmental engineering and engineering management.

Top 7 most popular PhD programs

The rankings from high to low are: we mainly introduce the first three

1. Law

2. Medicine

3. Pharmacology

4. Physiotherapy

5. Engineering

6. Physical Science

7. Dentistry

1. Law

If you want to study law in the United States, there are generally three degree options:

LLM, the general study time is 1 year, the time is short, there is no need to take the LSAT, but it requires work experience. There are basically no scholarships.

JD, the most valuable legal professional degree, generally lasts 3 years, does not limit professional background, and the learning content is more focused on employment and practice. However, the LSAT exam is required, and the bar exam in most states is only open to students with a JD degree. (JD and LLM return home certification are both master degrees, but JD is a professional doctorate in the United States)

SJD, students who want to engage in legal research can consider it. The length of study is basically about 3 to 4 years. Applicants need to have an LLM degree or a JD degree before they can apply. Usually, they must submit a research plan. After that, the school will decide whether to allow the applicant to enroll based on whether the professor has the willingness to guide and the committee review.

2. Medicine

Medicine is a big category, and health care is currently one of the fastest growing fields. When you want to get a job in this field, a master’s degree is generally the minimum requirement, and a doctorate is the basic standard. The main point here is the professional doctoral program in the medical field:

Chiropractic: Chiropractic (DC)

Dentist: The degrees awarded are dentist (DDS), dental medicine (DDM) and medical dentist (DMD)

Medicine/Doctors and Surgeons (plus internship, Resident MD)

Podiatry: Doctor of Podiatry (DPM)

Veterinarian: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM or VMD)

Osteopathy: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Optometry: Doctor of Optometry (OD)

American universities do not have undergraduate medical majors, so they can only choose to enter the medical school for postgraduate courses. However, admission to medical schools is very difficult. Taking these courses is a necessary condition for applying for medical schools. If you have not taken these courses, it is very Difficult to be admitted to medical school. Freshmen admitted to the medical school can come from any major, including literature, history, computer, aviation, mechanics, etc., as long as they have taken the prescribed pre-medical courses.

In addition, the MCAT test is also a hurdle. The test has a large amount of questions and a high degree of difficulty. It is difficult to get a high score! Moreover, Chinese medical schools have very strict admission requirements for applicants. Most American medical schools have joined the American Medical School Application System (AMCAS), which is a third-party organization that centrally manages and promotes medical school applications. Most medical schools adopt rolling admissions, which means that admission quotas are gradually distributed to qualified students until full admission.

3. Pharmacology

The doctoral degree in pharmacology is divided into these categories: PhD in Pharmacology PharmD, PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, PhD in Molecular Pharmacology and PhD in Signal Transduction. Generally, PharmD is the first professional degree and a prerequisite for obtaining a pharmacy professional license. To become a pharmacist, PharmD is the basic requirement!