half of my child’s education

My annual salary is one million, half of my child’s education

How much do you invest in your child’s education expenses?

half of my child’s education

Anxiety, follow suit, chicken baby, crazy enrolling in class, this is the true portrayal of how many parents nowadays. Needless to say, the school district housing with more than 100,000 yuan per square meter is just the tuition fee. From kindergarten to middle school, the annual cost of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan is a commonplace for many parents.

Mother Chaoyang and Mother Haidian can quarrel on this topic. Chaoyang’s mother said: “Before elementary school, take advantage of the low academic pressure and try more interest-based courses.” Haidian’s mother said: “Math and English are king. Kindergarten must start to learn thinking and English.”

Running here on the road of exam-oriented education, high-end classes, Olympiad classes, and subject education are put on the agenda early, and there is a way for children to pave the way for international schools, learn talents, practice physical fitness, and cultivate the comprehensive development of sentiment.

Parents have always spared no effort in spending money on their children’s education. In the minds of parents, education is an investment with the highest rate of return and value.

As a result, the children are full of extracurricular classes seven days a week, with a class costing three to four hundred yuan. Parents invest more than 200,000 yuan in extracurricular training, and enthusiastic parents have fattened out a number of extracurricular institutions.

half of my child’s education

In the education market, both online and offline K12 subject education have long been the Red Sea. Art projects such as traditional dance, piano, art, and calligraphy are still in demand. There are markets for sports such as football, tennis, taekwondo, golf, and swimming. AI interactive classes, Online real-person one-on-one foreign teachers and thinking education have become sweet cakes.

Five parents from first-tier cities with an annual income of more than 1 million yuan shared with Shenran their education expenditure and educational philosophy for their children. In fact, radical or Buddhism is a personal choice, but through this, we can understand the most real middle-to-high-end education scene in first-tier cities.

Look down on parents who buy luxury watches and luxury cars, education is the best investment

Huang Jueli | Dad, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Internet practitioner, 39 years old, family’s annual income of 1 million, annual education expenditure of 450,000

There are two sons in our family. The eldest is in the first grade of junior high school, and the younger is in the fourth grade. Both children are studying in the International Department of a public school in Chaoyang District. The tuition fee is 80,000-90,000 per year, plus other fees, the annual tuition for two people is about 200,000.

The eldest son is now under great academic pressure, so we hired a teacher to teach him at home three times a week, 200 yuan per hour, at least two hours each time, so the eldest son’s tutoring alone costs 60,000 yuan a year.

The extracurricular class has an online one-to-one foreign teacher class of English, about 100 yuan per time, an average of three times a week. During the epidemic last year, the children could not start school. A friend recommended a foreign teacher to teach two children English. It costs 600 yuan per hour, about 6 hours a week, and 10,000 yuan for 3 months. Later I thought it was a bit expensive. After the school started. Just stopped.

The second child’s tutor, like his brother, also costs about three times a week. English online classes are a bit more than his brother, and the annual cost is about 20,000. In addition, the second child now has less academic pressure, and there are more quality courses. We topped up 5000 yuan for his golf course last year, once a week, 200 yuan per hour. He also learns oil painting, and a class is about 200 yuan, once a week.

In the past, we sent our children abroad to participate in summer camps or winter camps at least once a year. We have been to Thailand and the United States. Sometimes our family travels together, sending our children to a summer camp for a week, and the family’s expenses are about seven to eighty thousand yuan. If you count only children, the average cost per child is less than 20,000 yuan at a time. This is still my application directly from a foreign website. If I apply from a domestic agency, it costs 20,000 to 30,000 per trip.

There are also some recreational activities, such as skiing. In previous years, we basically went to Chongli for skiing every two weeks. Our family of 4 went to Chongli for about 5,000 yuan, which also included the children’s ski instructors. Two instructors for three hours were about It costs 1,800 yuan.

The students in the Children’s International Department also need additional lessons. Their school progress is very fast, and the children are struggling to learn. Some parents send their children to off-campus training classes, and some invite teachers to their homes like us.

I figured it out, and the two children spend four to five million yuan on education in one year.

I am from Beijing. When I was young, my parents sent me to study abroad when my family conditions were normal. After I came back, my platform and opportunities were different. I recognized this path. If you want to cross the hierarchy, you still need circles. So learning from my own experience, I hope I can send my child to a relatively good school to study abroad. I just want to invest in my children in the same proportion as my parents’ investment in me.

Children of this age have very weak self-control. The hardships they had never experienced when they were young will return to society. Rather than regretting it then, it is better to let them suffer a little bit when they were young.

This world is a battlefield and it is cruel. I need to prepare my children to join the battlefield. If they are abandoned now, it is ultimately the responsibility of our parents.

There are people around me who have incomes similar to or even higher than ours. They may buy themselves hundreds of thousands of watches and luxury cars, but they spend very little on children’s education. I actually look down on them in my heart. Such people are often not well-educated and have seized some opportunities to make some money, but his educational philosophy can hardly allow his wealth to continue for 2 generations, 3 generations or even 4 generations. They do not work hard and invest in the next generation. Not long-term.

From my grandfather to my father to me, the wealth of our family has been growing steadily and soundly for several generations. In the future, I also hope that the whole family will become more and more prosperous.

Daughter dances ballet and son practices tennis, spending nearly one million a year

Laura | Shanghai Mom, 35-year-old founder of a startup company, annual family income of 5 million + annual education expenditure of 830,000

Our two children do not need to take the high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination, and there is no academic anxiety, so they invest more in arts, sports and other projects.

This year, my sister is 10 years old and my younger brother is 8 years old. Both are attending international schools, and the tuition fee is 200,000 per person per year. The cultivation of the older sister is more artistic, and the younger brother is more sports.

My elder sister does not have tuition classes in foreign languages, but she enrolled in some offline one-on-one TOEFL class English study, once a week, 1200 yuan an hour, and one-on-one private tutoring online, 350 yuan an hour, English one The annual expenditure is about 100,000 yuan.

My elder sister likes ballet very much. There are two courses of 1200 yuan/hour in a week, and five practice courses of 200 yuan/hour. Sometimes participating in the competition requires special training for several consecutive days. The single time is 1200 yuan. She is in ballet. The annual cost is about 160,000. I recently enrolled in a one-on-one singing winter vacation class, and I might sing once or twice a week in the future. Good teachers in Shanghai are more expensive. Of course, there are cheaper courses and teachers. I will help her choose the best teacher possible.

My younger brother has more classes, such as Olympiad, English, football, tennis, taekwondo, and piano classes. Basically every day, they take turns. Tennis twice a week, 600 yuan once a week, football 5 times a week, taekwondo we have a 5,000 yuan annual card, piano lessons are given by the teacher once a week, and the training is used online. In previous years, there will be some summer camps and winter camps during the winter and summer vacations.

Extracurricular courses and expenses for Laura’s children
I have not accurately calculated the cost of children’s education, but my daughter’s ballet is definitely more than 100,000 a year, and his son’s tennis is also more than 100,000. We will not deliberately pursue how much we must pay, and we have never calculated how much it will cost. When I think there is a need, we will implement it. Both my daughter and son started to dance ballet and play tennis at the age of three, and many of the habits now start at the age of three.

I do think that a class of 1,200 yuan is quite expensive. We will not blindly try these classes. We will shop around and choose the one that I think is the best in teaching quality, but I will definitely not bargain.

I didn’t take the high school entrance examination or the college entrance examination myself, and I don’t want my children to go through the horrible test route that others say. There is no academic anxiety in my family. But they also have exams. I hope that their academic performance will remain in the top 1/3 of the class, and they must have 1-2 specialties. I think this is a healthy state.

My daughter has to dance 5-7 hours of ballet a week. I told her that you got 100 points in the exam before you let you dance so much. The school they go to is one of the best in Shanghai, and the content is quite difficult. So far, they have not encountered a situation where they can’t keep up and study hard.

My sister has several international competitions a year. Before the competition, she basically has to train for 2-3 hours every day. She usually does exercises and leg presses at home every day. This is what we want to see, not for children. Do test papers at home all day long. Moreover, children’s competition in arts and sports is also very cruel, especially in some large-scale competitions, the pressure is not lost at all.

When watching the Spring Festival Gala, my daughter thought that the last dance show “Crested Ibis” was very good, and I immediately bought her a special performance at the Shanghai Grand Theater. As long as it is related to artistic dance, she will cultivate in this respect if she likes me. In the future, if she really dances well, she can develop as a professional dance artist, or she can open her own dance school.

I believe that everyone has different specialties. A reasonable state is that he specializes in surgery. When he is strong on the one hand, it is acceptable for him to be weak on the other. Therefore, I think the overall development of the child is better. If there are 1-2 specialties, it is very powerful. It is not necessary to be very strong in every one.

Moving from Chaoyang to Haidian, I was “educated” by the school district room

Jingyi | 40-year-old mother in Haidian District, Beijing, company executive, annual family income of 1.5 million, annual education expenditure of 630,000

My pressure started from moving to Haidian District.

My brother is 6 years old and my sister is 3 and a half years old. They used to live in Chaoyang District. My original idea was that the children should learn as many quality courses as possible before they go to elementary school.

Before the age of five, his elder brother’s classes were mainly play, including swimming, physical fitness, kung fu, rugby, Lego, drawing, and Go. For subject courses, I signed up for two AI classes, Zebra English and Zebra Thinking.

We originally planned to have one child and go to an international school, but then we had a younger sister, and the pressure for both of them was still a bit heavy, so we finally decided to go to a public school. My parents have a school district house in Dongcheng District, but that house ranks lower. My husband also thinks that Dongcheng District is more Buddhist in education. In the end we bought a school district house in Haidian District.

After coming to Haidian District, I was “educated”. Parents here said: “You must learn more in mathematics and get ahead.” Last summer, I was forced to ask my brother who was still in kindergarten to take a math class such as Xueersi and Gaosi. He was admitted to several high-end classes, and finally chose to follow the first-year curriculum. After participating, I was drawn into various groups.

The subject education for parents in Haidian District started very early. My sister is only in a small kindergarten class. The children in her class are attending VIPKID from Monday to Friday. On weekends, foreign teachers will be invited to take the children to practice English. And almost all the children are taking a thinking class, which is not our original kind. Online AI classes are all taught offline.

Now there is no way, my sister has to follow them on these. In addition to VIPKID, there is also a thinking class you take a shot. For art courses, she has courses in Orff’s music, dance, piano, painting, physical fitness, etc., taking turns every day.

After so many years, I will share with you some experience in choosing training courses. Institutions for painting must be carefully selected. Teachers from bad institutions will paint on behalf of children, or give children a good reference. Children draw very beautifully, but such works can only appear in institutions, and they won’t be able to come home. painted. My son started painting at the age of two, and painting is still a shortcoming now. Bad institutions are stifling children’s imagination and creativity. In the house we are now in, we will show children some of the master’s works at the beginning, and use language to guide the children in what tones to use. In the end, the children draw things completely out of their own imagination.

In addition, class registration should be based on the characteristics of the child. Our brother has a strong abstract ability. He has already started to recognize English letters when he is one and a half years old, and he can recite a long three-character sutra at the age of less than two years old. Numbers within 100 can be counted up and down. My younger sister is now three and a half years old. The number will also jump. However, the elder brother’s imagination and language richness are not as good as those of the younger sister, and the children are born with great differences. We will apply for some courses to strengthen their advantages and make up for their shortcomings.

I also made a mistake, which caused my brother’s language to be a shortcoming. I originally recommended not to read words before the age of five, but it was too late to read words that affected him to read independently. My brother’s English is very good, and he can read independently a year ago, but Chinese has never been good.

In terms of costs, I probably figured it out. The private kindergarten tuition fee is 180,000 per child. In the extracurricular class, the two learn about 100,000 piano, 50,000 paintings, 10,000 dances, 30,000+ English, 20,000 Go, and at least 10,000-10,000 in math classes. How can two people in various sports also need 3 -40,000, the total annual expenditure will be at least more than 600,000. This does not include all kinds of books, plays, exhibitions, and travel.

After coming to Haidian District, the environment has had a great impact on me. Now the children are taking up a lot of time in English and math classes, subject content has been advanced, and pure play courses such as Lego have been cancelled.

My parents didn’t pay much attention to me when I was young, and now I want to give my children more company

Nan Nan | Mom in Chaoyang District, Beijing, 35 years old, family’s annual income is 1.5 million yuan, annual education expenditure is 250,000 yuan

In the education of children, I may have a little overcompensation. My parents didn’t care about me since I was young. They were divorced and they were very busy at work. I lived in school since I was in elementary school, and I got very little parent company, so I try to give my children more company now.

Our child is 3 years old, and I have enrolled in parent-child swimming classes and early education classes since the child was born. When I was two years old, I enrolled in the physical fitness class and right brain development class, which I have been attending until now.

She started going to kindergarten when she was two and a half years old. Because public kindergartens do not accept such young children, she chose private ones. The tuition fee is 150,000 yuan a year, plus meals, tuition and school uniforms, etc., 160,000 yuan a year. Our family lives near Beijing International Trade Center. The price is mid-range in the East Third Ring Road, and it is not a so-called high-end international kindergarten. But this kindergarten is very difficult to enter, we only came in early in the line.

What I admire is to conduct Montessori education when children are 2-6 years old. The philosophy of Montessori education is that the teacher is not an authority, the child is the core, and the teacher only accompanies and guides the child and cannot disturb the child. Some parents think that this model of teacher is too easy, but in fact, children can build their own world in the process of playing.

There are about 25,000 two-year courses for early education classes, more than 20,000 for swimming classes, physical fitness classes, and right brain development classes. The cost of these single classes is almost between 250-350 yuan, once or twice a week. The unit price of lessons at the kindergarten stage is relatively cheap, with a total cost of about 200,000 yuan a year.

Kindergarten ends at 4 o’clock. I will take her to the World Trade Center for a bite to eat. Normally we have physical fitness classes on Tuesdays and Fridays, early English classes on Wednesdays, right brain development classes on Thursdays, and painting classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Parent-child swimming lessons.

The English class is to teach vocabulary. The foreign teacher sings with her, teaches picture books, and speaks some simple words and sentences. In fact, it doesn’t matter how much she has mastered before the age of 4, because the child’s personality is different, some like to express and some don’t like it, but if you want his second foreign language to be able to