Education, feeding, children

What push jujube let pear Li for peach

As the only woman in the family, I could not compete with four, and I was bound to lose.

Actually, it’s not just toilet seats. I’m the opposite of them a lot of the time:

That group is responsible for the natural and unrestrained, I am responsible for the plan;

That group is responsible for the mess, and I’m the one who does the work.

If there is no miracle, this life gave birth to three;

If there is a miracle, it is too tired!

Education, feeding, children

I suffered unprecedented setbacks in raising my three children.

First of all, if you have more children, you won’t have enough mothers.

I used to cry children hug a, coax sleep while lying down a.

Now, with three kids, there’s always a miss.

No matter how hard you try to coax the baby, you can only get two-thirds of it.

The baby’s cry, like a stereo, goes up and down in a circle, wave after wave.

You say, there’s a dad.

Yeah, dad’s here, grandparents are here, but it doesn’t work.

When there are more children, mothers become scarce goods, and everyone wants to grab a mother.

Second, boys have different worries.

As we all know, boys are more difficult to bring up than girls, they are naughty, active, energetic, poor communication skills, the ability to kill is leverage.

For example, take three girls out, it is with a big view of the garden of the sister, each has their own beautiful.

Take three boys to go out, that is to take a moving Romance of the Three Kingdoms in the side, minutes and minutes of performance what is divided long will be combined long will be divided smoke from the Central Plains.

Either three people are mischievous, or three people act up together.

But most often, two of the three get together to play tricks on the third.

What push jujube let pear Li for peach, such a scene has not seen.

Only in this matter of angry mother, they are brothers together.

In order to suppress the daily performance of the three brothers, I as a mother also had to be full of virtue up.

After a while, perform the lion roar and use the volume to let the child know how bad the behavior is.

Perform micro-steps and try to get them away from the scene of the crime before they commit the crime.

After a while, he played the dog-stick method, carving a lesson about life into a stick, beating it on the buttocks, leaving it in the nearest place from their hearts.