Education, feeding, children

Their lives as well as a gift to your own life

Husband and several sons, although usually straight man smokes the sky, but sometimes boyfriend strength.

When I buy more things in the supermarket, my son will help me carry them.

Education, feeding, children

If I feel uncomfortable, my son will help me press it.

My birthday that day, the husband took the son, four people get up early, make a birthday breakfast for me, also matched with a flower.

Even though I knew what they were selling (they didn’t hide anything from me), I still felt a surprise that would stay in my heart forever.

Many people will ask me if I want to have four children and have a daughter. The answer is no.

Although the child is like a seed, as long as it is planted in the soil how to raise will be big, but the seedlings can grow strong and strong, bearing sweet fruit, or to see how much time and energy parents pay.

Do not choose to have a second child in order to pursue the so-called two children.

Birth is not about pulling out blind boxes and collecting dolls.

Although the boys and girls are different, but the children of the ninety-nine eighty-one pass, up are also the same.

Whether you give birth to a boy or a girl, to nurture your children well is to be responsible for their lives as well as a gift to your own life.